witch hazel toner dickson and thayer reveiws

Truth About Witch Hazel Toner

Did you know why celebrities use a skin care routine and focus on the best skincare routine which normally includes moisturizer cleanser and toner because Skincare routine keeps the skin even tone and makes it look glowing and beautiful and it doesn’t let your skin age as early.

Let’s discuss what toner is and how to use it and how to choose the best toner according to your skin type and also other benefits of witch hazel toner thayer’s and dickerson’s.

What Is Toner?

Toner or astringent is basically the same exact thing.In this blog we will cover the benefits of witch hazel toner. Don’t be confused as there are a number of different types of toner or astringent that you can pick up from the market so let’s move ahead.

Reasons To Use Toner?

The number one reason why it important to tone your face is that,When you wash your face with soap especially if you’re using a really harsh exfoliant or a Clarisonic or if you’re using a face wash that has a lot of chemicals in it maybe salicylic acid or different chemicals to help control acne.

It throws off your pH balance which is why it is best to use toner after washing your face,toner will  return your skin back to its regular pH balance which is supposed to be 5.5 and you need the toner in order to bring it back to the correct level now don’t be confused, skin needs oil but too much oil is going to clog pores and a lot more skin problems.

Reason number two is really surprising, Did you know there is dirt or makeup left on your face even if you wash it with the face wash?

Try out using a toner with a cotton pad after washing your face and you will see there is still some dirt left behind on the cotton pad.Toner is supposed to deep clean your skin so you can really see that the toner is going to get everything out of your pores all the dirt, oil, makeup grief everything from throughout the day so using toner every single day is highly recommended and you will definitely see a big difference in the clarity of your skin.

Witch Hazel Toner Thayer’s And Dickerson’s Benefits

is thayer’s witch hazel bad for skin? Lets go over some quick benefits of adding  witch hazel toner thayers or dickson’s with vitamin c serum into your routine.

It will temporarily shrink your pores by removing all the oil present in them so again it’s perfect for the morning time it’s kind of like a primer underneath your makeup it’s not going to make your makeup look weird when you apply on top,make sure that you apply a moisturizer over this.

Witch hazel  actually does a lot more good to your skin such as relief from minor skin irritation due to insect bite, minor cuts and scrapes.it’s completely natural and to be honest with you it works so much better than any other toner that I have tried but if you have a very specific type of skin maybe you have blemish prone skin you can find different toners on the market and online stores that will have additives such as benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid right into the toner so it will treat your acne at the same time.Here is the good one for acne i am sharing with you.

acne best tonerAvailable At Amazon: Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Stress Control Triple-Action Toner

Witch-Hazel Toner For Whiteheads

If you usually get whiteheads due to any reason on any part of your face and they are way too stubborn, the only way you will find is to make them dry up and disappear a lot faster is adding a toner into your routine.for this purpose the best yet natural toner or a natural astringent is witch hazel you can buy it from amazon and it is suitable for all skin types.I am sharing both toners here that are highly used and recommended.

Witch-Hazel Toner Thayer’s

Witch hazel toner

Available At Amazon: Thayers Alcohol-Free Rose Petal Witch Hazel Facial Toner with Aloe Vera

Witch-Hazel Toner Dickson’s

dickson's toner with cotton pads

Available At Amazon: T.N. Dickinson’s 16 oz. Witch Hazel 100% Natural Astringent with 100 Pcs. Cotton Rounds

Important For Normal Or Dry Skin

If you have normal or dry skin Witch hazel toner thayers will help moisturize and lock in the moisture into your skin so just because you’re using a toner doesn’t mean that it’s going to really dry out your skin.Don’t forget to use moisturizer right after toner  if you don’t do that your skin is going to be on the dry side a little bit more prone to irritation so make sure to apply a good moisturizer.

Witch-Hazel For Swollen Eyes

Witch hazel has natural anti-inflammatory and anti-itch properties so that is why you need to apply underneath your eyes for the anti-inflammatory properties. I know that it sounds weird at first. It has some alcohol don’t be  afraid to apply underneath eyes  it is never going to burn or just irritate your skin but it actually feel like you are just putting some water all over your face to be honest it has anti-inflammatory properties it will bring down the swelling from under eye circles and the under eye bag.

Solves Itchy Skin Problem

If you have itchy skin sometimes due to its anti-itch properties it will help you getting rid of itchy skin.it will come in handy when sunburn and it prevent peeling so if you’ve ever gotten one of those really really bad sunburn on your face, on your chest, on your shoulders wherever and you’re peeling then just pop out your witch hazel.

Toner As A Setting Spray

These are some more unexpected ways that you can use witch-hazel. One is a mattifying makeup setting spray You just need to take an Empty bottle and some witch Hazel in it so after you apply eye makeup simply spray all over your face so it will act as a setting spray that is going to take away that powdery finish.This will set your makeup so that it lasts longer throughout the day and it’s going to help control boiling it. 

Witch-Hazel Toner For Greasy Hair

witch hazel toner thayer’s is best for your oily hair because it can absorb the oil. you just need to spray it at the roots of your hair. It will dry up and absorb all the oil and greasiness from the top of your hair.

How To Use Witch Hazel On Face

Make sure you apply it in the right way. There are usually two ways to apply toner: one is by tapping your hands on your face and other is by using a cotton pad so you will easily find tutorials on YouTube for this purpose.

Top celebrities use toner right after hot shower because your pores are open to give you the best result in this state but if you don’t like it simply wash your face with your regular face wash and tone your face with a cotton pad this is actually a best practice to use cotton pads for applying toner. You can tone your face in the morning or before sleeping both ways are fine. 

This was my review for  witch hazel toner thayers or witch hazel toner dicksons both are basically same.The reason of sharing is your choice and affordability. Now I hope you can easily choose your toner and you will not be afraid of it for including it into your skin care routine. I hope you will love it when you see improvement in your skin and become obsessed with toners.

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