microblading for eyebrows and eyebrow tattoo

All You Need To Know About Microblading And Temporary Eyebrow Tattoo

Looking for Microblading for eyebrows? About your eyebrows.Genetics, age, some disease or you have plucked them a lot in the past are factors that can make your eyebrows thin, bald and have even lost their shape . Ofcouse there are number of products that can get you desired shape to our eyebrows, to define them, to fill the bald spots and to make them appear thicker, in short. But, there are also aesthetic techniques that can make your eyebrows more perfect, and thus you will forget to put makeup on them daily. Among them we want to talk to you about microblading , because for some time it has been the most demanded in beauty centers.

Let’s talk about long term eyebrow tattooing.

What is Microblading for eyebrows?

Microblading  is a new trend beauty treatment called permanent makeup in this you can get your favorite eyebrow shape and the color of your eyebrow.It is highly recomended for the people who have thin eyebrows and has slow growth of hair. 

Example: Majority of people is having general hair fall because they go through hormonal problem or other health issues.Above all you don’t only lose your head hair but also your eyebrow hair in such cases you would like to have a reconstruction done of your brows.

Microblading Procedure?

The first step is to go to a beauty center that offers you confidence and avoid low cost offers . This ensures that the pigment they use is approved and that the professional is qualified. In addition, it is advisable that the professional knows about eyebrow design , so that he can recommend the one that best suits your features.

Regardless of the trends, the eyebrows must be consistent with your face in order for them to achieve their objective: frame your gaze and bring balance to the face. So the thickness and shape of the eyebrows must be something personal, which we should not imitate. It is also important to have a test done beforehand to verify that you are not allergic to the pigment.

After studying your face and coming up with the most flattering design, they perform a pencil simulation to see the final result. Something highly recommended, since although microblanding is not definitive, its duration can be up to one year.

So the more sure you are that about the result is what you are looking for, the better it will be. It is also important to choose the most suitable pigment for you, taking into account the color of your natural hair, your skin and your eyes when you go for microblading for eyebrows.

microblading eyebrows vs tattoo

Next, the expert should tell us that they apply topical anesthesia . This reduces discomfort. When it has already taken effect, the work of designing and filling the eyebrows begins, hair by hair, making superficial cuts in the skin with a feather, at the end of which there are very small needles. The pigment is deposited in the cuts. The eyebrow is then completely covered in color so that the pigment is well absorbed by the skin.

Once the process is finished, the excess pigment is removed and a medical silicone is applied to cover the skin for 24 hours. Although the eyebrows will appear darker than expected, they will lighten in the coming weeks . Also, a touch-up after about 4 weeks is recommended to complete the areas that may have been left without pigment.

Microblading pros and cons

Among the pros of this technique, it stands out that it is a treatment with a natural finish , rather than micropigmentation. Does not require touch-ups , except the first, after a month. Its duration is 9-12 months in which you will not have to use makeup because your eyebrows will be perfect. When applied superficially, there are no risks, as long as you put yourself in the hands of a professional.

microblading procedure

And among the cons of microblading we highlight above all the fact that you should not be exposed to the sun directly during the first fifteen days. So better not do it in summer and wait for autumn. Over time, the color degrades and you may not feel very comfortable. After a year, you will have to do it again.

Microblading Care: Before

Hand in hand with the care before, you must have knowledge with the Microblading care after, because before and after they have a lot to do and neither before nor after are they less important to obtain the desired effect; in fact, some of the precautions you should take in Microblading care before are also recommended to take into account afterwards, such as trying not to sweat, maintaining good hygiene in the area, not drinking alcohol, avoiding swimming pools and beaches for several days before and after, among others.

The trend of thick eyebrows has gained strength in recent years, since in addition to representing a concept of beauty, it also helps people’s self-esteem because it reaffirms the very concept of emotional and mental well-being. And it is a process that can be done by anyone.

Microblading Care: After

The care after the application of the eyebrows hair by hair represent a factor of great importance for the effectiveness of the post-treatment: it is necessary to carry out aftercare with absolute frequency and with a lot of responsibility, some of the aftercare that must be carried out are:

  • It is recommended to apply creams rich in vitamin A and D
  • You need to Wash the chlorhexidine-treated area at least one hour after treatment.
  • After treatment you should avoid exercising for at least two days, so the pigment will not be affected by sweat.
  • Avoid direct and prolonged sunbathing after the application of the treatment.
  • Definitely after treatment it is not recommended to enter swimming pools or the sea, at least for a week or two.
  • One of the most important items after treatment in not touching the eyebrows with dirty hands to avoid infections.
  • First Let’s talk about eyebrow tattoos that can be done for temporary purposes if you do not want to get microblading done.

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If you don’t like your eyebrows or they are thin enough and don’t want microblading for eyebrows so there is good news for you!  

Now you can own any shape of eyebrows you love!

Did you know about eyebrow tattoos?  If no, Then read up till the end.

Microblading for eyebrows vs tattoo.

What is eyebrow tattoo ?

Eyebrow tattoo is simply tattooing your eyebrows with the help of tattoo color. You can create your desired shape of eyebrows with tattoo color.Eyebrow tattoo can be temporary or permanent you can Make it or remove it or have it occasionally or whenever you want. But remember this is completely different from microblading for eyebrows.

Eyebrow tattoos can be done in different colors for example Grey,  Brown or black.

Note: Black is easier to remove 

Myth: Eyebrow tattoo last forever

Reality: Unlike traditional tattoo it doesn’t last forever 

How to make eyebrow tattoo at home 

You can make eyebrow tattoos at home with only 2 ingredients and a little bit of artistic quality.

Here is how you can do it by yourself

Ingredients you need


2-Tattoo Color

3-Plastic Sheet

First of all you have to take water in a small jar. Then you need to mix tattoo color in it ,

Now what You need to do is just mix it well and make a paste.Make sure the paste is not thick enough nor should it be liquor.

Now Take a piece of plastic sheet and roll it like a henna cone,

You need to add the paste in it and fold it from the upper side.

You can draw your eyebrows with the help of cone,You can shape it the way you want And your are done 

After applying this tattoo color you have to wait for 20 minutes, after 20 minutes you can simply remove it with tissue paper and you are done with the results.

This is how you can make eyebrow tattoo At home by yourself 

Things You Need to know when you tattoo your eyebrow at home

  • Sterilize everything you use during the procedure  i.e glass and plastic sheet
  • Do not use tweezers Two days prior to tattooing or else the ink will settle into those holes
  • Itching is normal so do not scratch ,scratching off Can harm your skin underneath your eyebrows
  • Choose the best color for your Brows if you are already having black brow then you probably need to choose dark brown so  it will not give you harsh look

The trend is growing year by year, and that’s not surprising. By default, women want to darken their eyebrows, emphasizing eye color and facial sculpting.

So This is how you can make eyebrow tattoo at home by yourself 

Let me know in the comment section once you have tried this Eyebrow tattooing OR Microblading for eyebrows.


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