what does mirconeedling do

Microneedling At Home: What Does Microneedling Do

Curious to know about microneedling and its benefits and how to do it at home? This blog will give you best yet simple introduction with best recommendations!

What does microneedling do?

With an increase in pollution and humidity, ladies have to face harsh effects on their skin as compared to men. Ladies have soft skin that can be easily affected by dirt and pollution. Skins problems are always a trigger point for ladies compared to gents.

ladies usually have to face many skin problems from a very young age. It all starts when puberty hits, ladies start to get pimple acne after 18th and try many cosmetics to get rid of such issues.

Moreover, after 25 ladies usually have to face wrinkles and fine lines even though they are not turning to older ages but these issues happen when formation or induction of collagen decreases. After the age of 22 ladies have to face a reduction in collagen that ultimately creates numerous skin issues.

In that case, ladies prefer massage therapies, facials and expensive treatments to get rid of these problems. Not only tropically but they start to take multivitamins for skin too.

Microneedling benefits 

No doubt such medication works but to induce collagen the best way is to use collagen induction treatment that is simply known as Micro-Needling.

Micro-needling requires tiny micro needles that roll on the skin in a different direction that helps to induce collagen and improves the circulation. Moreover, it helps to fade the dark spots and acne scars. Ladies with higher acne issues can now easily treat their skin with this affordable technique. Even serums and moisturizers need to enter into the skin but dead skin layer does not allow such liquids to enter, at that time micro-needling will helps not only to induce collagen but with different serums, it could increase the efficiency of treatment.

Equipment is usually known as Derma rollers when applying on the skin its microneedles induces collagen and this hormone will eventually help to kill the bacteria that cause such problems. Nowadays micro-needling can be possible even without going to the salon.

When this technique was invented ladies usually preferred salons and when micro-needling facials were offered that may lead to high cost but nowadays it could be possible with the help of rollers. In the market, micro-needling rollers are available that are lightweight, made with sterilized material and could be washed easily. Its head consists of a roller having microneedles that can be rolled over the sin and its stick makes it easy to roll in all directions. Its cost is not too high and comparatively other topical products its results are much effective.

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The results can be seen overnight. For example, if a micro-needling roller is used at night then the results would be visible in the next morning. It should be used with serum as it could create slightly uncomfortable feelings on skin. Using serums will enhance its working and surely create better results. Usually, ladies think that micro-needling is the treatment for only older age ladies having wrinkles but young girls can use it too with different serums. This combination at home requires a few minutes and fewer efforts then salons and most importantly it could be used for months without breaking the bank.

How to do microneedling treatment at home

At home, this treatment should proceed with a few steps that include first washing the equipment and sterilizing and disinfecting it after every use. After cleaning it, let it try to apply cleanser to remove dirt from your face and make the skin smooth. You may use facial massage cream after that for good results. Before microneedling apply any serum that suits you by the way vitamin C serum is also best and start the treatment. Change the direction and move it horizontally and vertically to improve the blood circulation. Stretch your skin with another palm while performing micro-needling and make sure to not put extra pressure on the skin.

Which Serum is best for microneedling according to skin

As mentioned above different serums can be used for this treatment. If someone is having acne issues try to use a serum with Ascorbic acid that helps to reduce acne scars and dark spots. If someone is having wrinkles, use anti-ageing serums for best results. Usually, ladies prefer Vitamin C serum because it is best for skin and treats almost every skin problem.

Serum should be of high quality and perform a patch test before application to avoid irritation. The combination will surely give results within a week. Be consistent with the product and notice a visible change within a month. Most ladies are afraid of the needle when they notice the word needle in the treatment, but it should be tried as it is not painful but gives slightly uncomfortable feelings. It would be better than the laser treatments that ladies usually prefer. Avoid using any chemical after micro-needling, you can apply moisturizer and serum again to avoid pigmentation. This treatment is safe to use but requires the recommendation of not being harsh and choose serums wisely, it would be better to consult a dermatologist for any topical serums and if the condition is severe.

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Microneedling at clinic not salons

Micro-needling by professionals in dermatological clinics has a high cost but it is more effective than other treatments. The trends started when ladies came to know that equipment for each facial area is different and surely this will resolve every issue. For under eyes a micro-needling roller is small that could be easily rolled around under eyes and professionals try not to implement it harshly because this area is much sensitive therefore it shouldn’t try at home. Furthermore, it depends on the severity of skin issues sometimes during this treatment professionals have to inject some medication that helps to induce more collagen and with micro-needling, it will affect the treatment more frequently. Treatment requires proper removal of headache and facial too that helps to remove the impurity of the skin using different formulas.

It would be better to prefer clinics rather than salons for this treatment. This treatment at home would be slightly different than in clinics and requires few easy steps but one should be careful while doing the treatment at home and avoid sensitive areas such as under eyes or you may ask someone to assist you to avoid any irritation.

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