Top 10 Nail Art Accessories For Girls

Top 10 Nail Art Accessories For Girls For Every Occasion

Are you one of them, who always gets excited whenever heard of a manicure or a pedicure?

Are you ‘the one’ who always visits a nail salon weekly, just to sit,relax and chill and get a fresh mani/pedicure or whenever you are stressed or miffed, it’s only a good mani/Pedi that makes your life less miserable and uplifts your mood. Are you one of those friends, who would arrange a small fun spa party with their girlfriends over the weekend to have a good time and create some amazing memories?

Looking For Nail Art Accessories For Girls?

Having perfectly painted nails become very challenging, after all, you are all occupied in drawing thin lines and  very fine details on such a small canvas and for a few visiting a nail salon weekly or monthly becomes difficult. So stay at home and give yourself a fresh mani/pedicure with the right nail art accessories and show  best version of 

yourself in this nail-art game!

Top 10 Nail Art Accessories/Tools:

So here I am enlisting Top 10 nail art tools/accessories which would help your nail art game.

There you go Nailasaur-ians 😉 

A quick beauty tip to remember: 

Before you start mani/pedicure, make sure you have washed, scrubbed, exfoliated, and masked your hands with a good soap, hand and foot scrub, exfoliator, and a mask. 

Once, you finish it, pat dry and apply a good body moisturizer that provides long-lasting moisturization.

1-Nail Clippers

Nail clippers are of utmost importance because they help to short or cut the irregular part of your nail. 

Nail Clippers

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  1. Trim and groom your nails
  2. It also has filer inside which helps to clean nails
  3.  easy nail art accessory on amazon 


  1. It has a sharp curved blade,be careful when you use it.

A quick beauty tip to remember:

Before trimming, wet your nails. Why? It makes your nail soft and easy to cut.

2-Nail Filer:

The next tool after trimming nails, is a use of a  good nail filer which gives a  smooth shape to your pretty nails. 

Nail Filer

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  1. A nail filer sometimes comes with a buffer that provides shiny lustre appearance to you nails
  2. It is made from stainless steel that gives a perfect finish.
  3. An easy nail art accessory on amazon 


  1. It has a round tapered end so be careful when you use it.
  2. Keep it away from children.

3-Cuticle nippers:

Cuticle nippers are primarily used to trim the dead soft tissue around your nail bed giving your nails a fresh and healthy look. If you want to grow your nail you can use nail growth products as well.

Cuticle nippers

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  1. It has a non-slip handle for better grip
  2. Easy to clean


     1.It may have a sharp blade.

A quick beauty tip to remember :

it is better to apply  baby oil on nails before using a cuticle nipper. It provides quick & easy trimming.

4-Cuticle pusher:

It helps to push the cuticle from the nail bed and also removes dead soft tissue.

Cuticle pusher

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  1. Precisely pushes the cuticle
  2. It is durable
  3. A easy nail art accessory/Handy

A quick beauty tip to remember:

Always use baby oil or any to avoid damage. Any oil would help to push the cuticle.

5-Dotting tool set:

It is an important tool for drawing fine lines,polka dots or any pattern on your nails.

It enhances the teeny tiny details and you can get the best nail art in minutes.

You should also know:

You can always use the Toothpick set as an alternative to the dot tool set to create patterns.But for professional nail art you should use this.

Dotting Pen Tool Nail Art Tip Dot Paint Manicure kit

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  1. It is a 2 sided dot pen with a small and large ball end that helps you in various patterns.
  2. Easy to use 
  3. Available in all colors

6-Nail art brushes:

They are used to bring a radiant effect and smoothes the manicure.

Double Ended Nail Art Brushes

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An Easy nail art accessory.

7-Nail tape:

It is used for various purposes such as a nail art stencil or a separating medium.Any tape would do good.

nail art tape

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  1. It is really easy to use
  2. It gives you clean nail art and gives you finishing

8-Nail stamping plates:

To create a beautiful nail art with less errors, always have stamping plates. They replicate the designs on your nails.

Thanksgiving Stamping Plates

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  1. Gives You a professional looking nail art
  2. Easy to use
  3. Instant

9-Rhinestones,sequins & glitters:

These are some  beautiful nail art decorations/pieces which add magic and beauty to your mani’s. Glitter adds sparkle and makes them prominent. 

You should know:

Rhinestone, glitters,sequins and pearls can be added with a use of  glue.  

Any glue would do great as an adhesive.

JOYJULY Nail Art Decoration Kits

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It adds magic and gives the best nail art. 


Difficult to handle

A quick beauty tip to remember:

You can also add glitter in your nail primer and use it as a top coat.

10-Nail primer:

It is used as an adhesive. Two coats of a primer is used. First, as a base for your nail art and last to lock and secure your nail art and provide a lustre and shiny look .

Morovan Professional Natural Nail Prep Dehydrator and Nail Acid-Free Primer Set

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It protects nail from breakage and damage to nail paint

A quick beauty tip to remember:

To keep your nails healthy, include supplements in your daily routine that promotes growth and health of your nails. 

You can also use garlic (one of the natural remedies) to accelerate the growth of your nails and a glass of milk (a source of calcium) to avoid white patches on your nail beds.


I hope the above mentioned nail art tools will make a difference in your mani/pedicure and you can easily enjoy doing them at home with the selection of the right pick with your girlfriends and make some amazing memories over your home nail bar/salon.

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