Tips For Long Lasting Nail polish With Top Coat

Tips For Long Lasting Nail polish With Top Coat

As Holland Roden states,’when your nails are part of your outfit,they become more than nails.They become accessory’.Period.There is nothing in the world which can make a woman happy than having a nice and fresh manicure so what if your life isn’t perfect but your nails can be ;).Moreover, have you given a thought that after spending a healthy amount of money on a manicure,you wish that it will last for weeks and will not chip off as they look perfect at first but anyway somehow they dry,gets all gooey and all warped.

This makes you go all crazy like cruella devil from 101 dalmations.But the bitter reality is going to nail bar for that long lasting nail polish / manicure is not always in the cards,it’s super expensive and the marathon goes on and on.But no worries fella’s we got your back! Why not think about having a mini-nail-bar at home and in order to keep your nail polish to last for weeks with no chipping and nicking, here are a few simple and easy steps that can help your DIY’s and manicure to last for weeks because happiness is having your nails done 😉

Let’s get started,

1-Always Keep Your Nails Short:

I know long nails might look attractive to a few but always remember that the shorter the nails the better they will last for days.Shorter nails are less likely to break,chip or peel.To have that manicure last for long or to have them long lasting nail polish,always cut your nails short and rock.

2-Select Your Base Coat Wisely:

Why is a base coat so important? It is a best defense against staining or discoloration as it provides a protective layer between a nail color and the nail bed. It is also wise to remember that the darker or bold colors always require a base coat except for the neons. The common  mistake we all tend to make is that we always skip this step and are likely to blame that either the color wasn’t good enough or the top coat but on the other hand using a strong and grippy base coat extends the life of a nail color.

3-Use A Good Strengthener In Between Nail Polishes:

To have those healthy and chip-free nails include a strengthening agent that can help repair nail damages from any further chipping,nicking or breakage.

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4-Apply A Nail Polish Remover:

You must be thinking why a nail polish remover is required ? I’m just getting there anyway even if your nails are bare,still go over them with a swipe/wipe of a nail polish remover before the application of a nail polish.Why? Because it helps remove natural oils from the nails For this purpose you have to choose best nail polish remover so it should work fine.

5-You Can Skip The Soak (Hot Bathe):

Having said manicures just don’t uplift your mood but also make your nails more attractive so to have them there is no harm in skipping your hands from being soaked.Why?Because keeping your hands water bathed makes your nails expand and just when they dry and shrink eventually your nail color cracks.

6-Remember To Roll The Nail Polish Bottle:

Why is rolling a nail color bottle important? Because shaking it upright helps the nail polish infuse with air bubbles that are entrapped and prevents nail chips and you can get that long lasting nail polish. A very important tip to remember that instead of shaking or tapping, it is clever enough to roll or tap the bottle between your palms with a smooth pace.

7-Always Try To Avoid The Cuticles:

It is important to keep your nail polish away from cuticles.Why? If somehow the nail color is applied over them it may cause peeling of nail color and it will not let them last for long.

8-Choose The Nail Color Wisely:

Since we all love and like the bold and deep nail colors and neons on the other hand are such a treat to the eyes that gives your manicure a statement look but not to forget they are the ones always causing nail growth and further chipping and breakage.To have a your nail polish stay for a little longer than it is wise to select to mellow nail colors such as matte-finish,neutrals or even a fresh manicure will do the magic.

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9-Don’t Forget To Polish The Edges:

It is important that you polish each and every side of your nail.Why? Because it gives a subtle and smooth-finish look,apply the nail polish evenly through the edges and secure that amazing manicure for days.

10-Always Use Thin Coats Of A Nail Color:

Before the application of a top coat for nail polish it is wise to apply your nail color in thin coats and in one stroke. Why? Because the thicker the nail color the more time it will take for drying and most importantly it weakens the bond between them. Similarly, thinner coats give more strength to your manicure. If required additional coats may be needed for a full coverage.

11-Always Wait Between Your Nail Coats:

The most common mistake made by many of us is that we don’t wait between the application of a nail color. Because waiting kills,no? Remember, if your nail color is not completely dried before you add the second layer of a nail color it may peel off within a few minutes. So it’s a must-must thing to do is that you wait for at least 1 to 2 minutes between each nail coat.

12-Apply A Top Coat:

Once you are done with the proper application of a nail color,now is the time you apply a good and strong nail top coat to secure that ravishing manicure for days.It is a nail top coat that gives your manicure a high-shine gloss and luster.Like many things worthwhile in life requires maintenance so to get that long lasting nail polish you need to re-apply a top coat nail polish after every two to three days to get the best results.

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13-Apply A Moisturizer:

Moisturizing your hand after all the work being done is the most satisfying thing to do in the end.It soothes and hydrates your hand skin and gives your hands a soft and smooth look.

Any moisturizer with an essential oil will be of great use.


I hope the above mentioned steps will help you to get your top coat nail polish to last long and you can hold on to any manicure styles for days or weeks with no worry or tension. 

Long lasting nail polishes extends the life of your home-based manicures.

Good manicures,happy life.period.

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