three-steps cleansing routine

A three-steps cleansing routine

Are you working women? Do you want to know what is the Japanese way of removing makeup to keep your skin healthy and fresh?

We all know about the cleansing routine and its benefits, Now let’s talk about Japanese three-step cleansing routine which will give you an easy way to cleanse your face if you use makeup on a daily basis. Also if you follow this routine it will not let your skin sag and keep it tight as well as glowing.

Yeahhhh Here is the solution!

A three-step cleansing routine

1- Massage with cleansing cream into the skin to remove your make up, including eye area and lips, for 10 seconds. Wipe away using a tissue or Makeup wipes gently

2-Wash by massaging cleansing foam (preferred), or weak acidic soap into the skin for 10 seconds. Rinse thoroughly by splashing face with lukewarm water for 10 seconds.

3-Once or twice a week, apply facial pack geared to your specific skin type for 5 to 10 minutes. The cream type is the easiest to use when taking a bath, but the jelly type is the easiest to remove.

Cleansing tips:

  • Many women tend to stop at Step 1 above, but this removes only oily dirt. Steps 2 and 3 are necessary for truly beautiful skin.
  • Exercise your skin by massaging in outward circles on cheeks and forehead while you cleanse. Press firmly as you circle up, and lightly on the way down.
  • While cotton ball fibers tend to pull off and remain on the face, and cotton pads are best suited for patting on astringent, good old facial tissue is the easiest and least expensive tool for removing makeup.
  • Fold the tissue in half to make a triangle, wrap around for fingers so that point is sticking up. Then fold point down to palm to make a mitt. When Mitt is covered with makeup, fold inside out and use the reverse side.

What it all means: A few lucky people are born with perfect complexions but 99 per cent of us are not so blessed. However developing good basic cleansing habits, proper diet, a calm, optimistic attitude, and a regular night’s sleep can make a face of difference.

This is one of the Japanese ways of removing makeup and special A three steps cleansing routine

I have tried this and already getting amazing results, Now it’s your turn

Cleansing creams work as per their quality and most importantly its works according to the skin type now it’s up to you what cleansing cream you choose for your best skin

It’s not necessary that all high branded and expensive cleansing work for you.

If you have already tried one, And it doesn’t work out to be effective then you may switch to the local one

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