skincare routine for oily skin

Skincare routine for oily skin

Hey, ladies in this blog I am gonna share skincare routine for oily skin and what skincare products should be followed.

Facts about oily skin:

  • Oily skin can actually slow down the process of aging and your skin stays young.
  • Over-washing your face can make skin more dry.

Readout this blog to up till the end to get our quick tip for Skincare routine for oily skin at the end.

It is unfair to your skin if you blindly follow any skincare routine, So let’s take a look at what products we should add in our routine.

Skincare Routine For Oily Skin

1-Cleansing cream or cleansing foam? 

In winter, wash the cleansing foam after wiping off any dirt with cleansing cream. ln the warmer months, when your face feels sweaty or greasy, use only cleansing Foam and plenty of warm water. 

2-Massage cream

You don’t need to compound the oiliness with an oily cream. But olive oil out of the bottle is ok if you are young and your skin secretes large amounts of oil massage a few times a week, not every day, and be sure to wash your face thoroughly afterwards. 

3-Nutritious cream 

If you are young and have oily skin, skip it. After the age of 23 or so, use a tiny bit enough to cover a fingertip before bed. You don’t need oily nutrient cream at any other time. 

4-Acidic lotion (astringent) 

 Pat this lotion on to control oil. It also serves as an astringent, keeps the skin on the slightly acid side, kills germs, and dries the skin. You should use enough to consume 2 bottles a month. To prevent inflammation and to sterilize, apply calamine lotion. 

5-Alkaline lotion 

You don’t need much use a bit to remove rough skin and oil. Alkaline lotion is not for you

6-Milky lotion 

Skip it. If personal preference dictates that you use it, stick to moisture lotion. Milky lotion can make your skin more oily


Use powdered pack, such as an astringent pack with almond, or a clay pack to clean the skin and control oil


If your skin tends to be especially greasy or you sweat profusely, in summer wash with soap three or four times a day. This helps to prevent pimples and rashes. Try using antibacterial soap, or one made especially for oily skin. 

Note: You must be confused, Don’t worry You may ask the shopkeeper to show you products with the following properties with the best quality

Quick Tip in Skincare routine for oily skin

Oil control is the most important thing. Learn the techniques that help to keep the shine off your face.  

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