Skincare routine for neutral skin

Neutral skin is the best skin type because it has both cool and warm effect in the skin. Because it is not sensitive it doesn’t react.

Hey people with neutral skin, do you know what skincare routine for neutral skin is?

Do you choose the right skincare product for your skin?

if no!

Readout this blog up till the end to get to our quick tip and to learn what products you should use for your neutral skin type!

Skincare Routine For Neutral Skin

1-Cleansing cream or cleansing foam? 

You can use either a cleaning cream or cleansing foam. In winter and fall, when you should be using and oily face Foundation, be sure to wipe it off-All of it- with a cleansing cream, then wash with cleansing foam. In Spring and summer when you should switch to a water-based Foundation, use only cleansing foam. 

2-Massage cream

In fall or winter use an oily type. For the rest of the Year, use plenty of neutral type cream massage for at least 3 minutes, every day. 

3-Nutritious cream 

When your skin feels dry, use a moisturising(oil-based) product. In summer your skin feels slightly oily use a hydrophilic vanishing cream or moisture cream. 

4-Acidic lotion (astringent) 

Pat on small amounts of a mildly acidic lotion. 

5-Alkaline lotion 

Use to. soften rough skin. 

6-Milky lotion 

A touch of milky lotion is enough. Moisture lotion is fine too, if your skin requires it. 


Use it according to the season. A nutritious pack guards against dryness in the colder months, and a cleansing pack once a week during Spring and summer prevents dirt from accumulating. 


Unnecessary!  excluding your T-zone 

Note: You must be confused, Don’t worry You may ask the shopkeeper to show you products with the following properties with the best quality

Quick Tip

vary your cosmetics according to the Seasons. Your skin needs less moisture in the warmer months, more during the colder periods. 

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