Skincare routine for combination skin

Combination skin? You are blessed! But it’s not enough, You gotta understand what skin care products you are using in order to get the 100% of your skincare routine.

Don’t know what’s best for you?

Its ok Readout this blog and at the end of it, you will get an amazing quick tip. 

Skincare Routine For Combination Skin

1-Cleansing cream or cleansing foam? 

Since you have combination skin you can use Either one which is fine. 

2-Massage cream

Use only on the dry areas, like cheeks. Skip T-zone forehead, nose and chin which is oily

3-Nutritious cream 

Skip oily areas, but apply the cream on dry spots. 

4-Acidic lotion (astringent) 

Pat only on the T-zone.

5-Alkaline lotion 

Use more on the dry areas, less on oily spots. 

6-Milky lotion 

Use a touch of milky lotion on the dry parts excluding your T-zone 


Use a pack that is specially formulated to moisturize. 


Choose neutral soap with a pH around 5-6. Use soap twice a day

Note: You must be confused, Don’t worry You may ask the shopkeeper to show you products with the following properties with the best quality

Quick tip in Skincare routine for combination skin

T-zones and the death of your face were not created equal. Treat them differently. 

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