Skincare products and what they do

Did you know? how cosmetics or skincare products you use work on your skin. There are some products you should know about…

Here is a brief rundown to skincare products types and what they do,

1-Cleansing cream

Removes oily cosmetics and makeup. Should be mild. it is made from ingredients such as Vaseline, paraffin, surface-active agents, and antiseptics.

Note: it can not take the place of soap or cleansing foam. 


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2-Cleansing (Washing) foam

Offers the benefits of both soap and cleansing cream, Water-based. Particularly effective if your skin is sensitive to soap or if you are in a hurry. 


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2-Massage cream

Keeps skin moist while rubbing. Be careful to select a high-quality product, since it will be absorbed, and make sure it fits your skin type.

Dry skin types should choose a cream that is nutritious, and formulated Especially to prevent wrinkles and blotches.

Oily skin type should choose a cream that is non-comedogenic and should avoid over massaging (once a week may be enough if you have very oily skin) 

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4-Nutrient cream

This covers a broad range of creams with different uses: night, Day, vanishing, nourishing, emollient and moisture. All should protect the skin, smooth it. Supplying the skin with water and oil. Most importantly, they should penetrate into the skin. again, use only high-quality products since nutrient creams can reach deep into the skin lining. 

5-Special cream (night creams) 

Act as a covering on the skin and can also penetrate into the skin. Ingredients include vitamins and college. This cream is aimed at slowing the formation of wrinkles, preventing blotches and Sunburn and lightening skin. It is most effective when used before going to bed at night. 

6-Facial pack

It takes a little extra effort to use packs so that many women don’t bother with them, but the effort is worth it.

Packs form a temporary barrier between skin and air when spread on the face and then washed or peeled off 5 to 10 minutes later while on the face pack feeds the skin with water, oil and nutrients while at the same time inducing the skin to get rid of wastes. This enables pores to take a nutritious and get rid of wastes.

Packs promote blood and lymph circulation as well. 

There are four kinds of packs, all should be applied, then allowed to dry for 10 to 15 minutes, before removing:

Jelly. Spread over the face, let dry, then full of in our sheet

Cream. Spread on thickly, let dry, then wash off

Paste. Spread thinly, dry, then wash or Pull-off

Powder. Mix with water, spread thinly, dry, then wash off, good for oily skin because it has a drying effect. 


Soap tends to be alkaline so Thorough rinsing is essential to preserving the skins happiest state, or a weak acid pH. Today stores sell soaps that are neutral or low acid, as well as those containing amino acids, minerals and vitamins.

Soap should be selected carefully according to skin type. Cheap soap is usually pH 8-9 (alkaline) while high-quality source around  5-6 (acidic) pH 7 is neutral. 

A good soap should:

-Be water-soluble 

-Make a good lather

-Feel good

Soap should not:

-Stimulate the skin 

-Leave skin feeling taut or dry

-Leave a film


Differs in function according to its pH, a degree of acidity or alkalinity:

Acidic lotion, or astringent, is good for oily or acne-prone skin. It removes excess oil, sterilizers, bleaches and deodorizers the skin patting it into the skin assists circulation. 

Alkaline lotion softens dry or rough skin. The pH of the lotion is higher than 7, and it feels slightly slimy to the touch, but it is especially good for dry skin types. 

Moisture lotion is good for skin that feels tight or dry, it generally contains amino acids. 

Calamine lotion and lotions containing powder are good for drying oily skin, especially in summer, since the main ingredients (zinc Oxide mixed with a little ferric oxide) absorb oil. 

Emollient lotion, plus nourishing lotion, moisture lotion, skin milk, and milky lotion, tend to contain less oil and more water than creams excellent for younger, oily skin these penetrate deeply so be careful to choose one that is high quality and suited to your skin type


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