Girls seem to be obsessed with Korean glass skin look. Korean glass skin is absolutely alluring and is a desire for everyone. There is a range of products claiming that they would get you a glass skin while no one has gotten glass skin whoever has used these products.

In different Facebook groups, it has been asked whether Korean products have worked for them or not. And did you know the answer? It was a big Nooooooooooooooo!

Many women said that it’s a waste of money others said it depends on the skin type as not every product works on every skin.

But deep inside we all know that it’s impossible to get a glass skin like Koreans. As a matter of fact, Koreans get the surgery done for such glass skin and it’s not everyone know about.

Is it your desire to glow your skin like Koreans? Yeah that’s true you cannot have glass skin forever but Why not you can have it occasionally when you really want to look goddess without makeup or less makeup? We have a tried and tested home remedy to have quick glass skin look.

Glass skin with 2 products only

You will be amazed to know, We only need 2 products to get this glow.

1.Fairness cream

We need fairness cream to get some fair look like Koreans we will use it as a foundation. If you are an Asian with tan complexion fairness cream would work fine for you and if you are a European, you know that you are already white but fairness cream will give you a flawless and radiant look so you don’t need to use foundation on your face. You can choose any fairness cream, I use fair n lovely.

2.Honey lotion

We would pick honey lotion as it will not make your skin look dark. Honey has vitamin C in it. If you have dry or combination skin this remedy is super soothing for your skin but if you have oily skin (You don’t need enough lotion right? Or maybe a little amount). The honey lotion will give a glow that you need in your glass skin.I use care honey lotion.

How to use them together

It is extremely simple to use just take honey lotion and fairness cream in equal amount mix it well on your palm and then apply on your face. If you have dry skin you can increase the amount of lotion.

Let it set and you are done.

 It is best for a casual look. It will not last too long if you use any other lotion. If you have acne it will not work for you

Try it and let us know in comment s below!

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