makeup and eyeglasses

Makeup and Eyeglasses

Ok, ladies, you think you can’t rock with makeup and eyeglasses ? let’s cover this in this blog.

Select carefully and combined with skillful makeup, they can hide a distract from weak points. 

Some common facial flaws, Makeup with eyeglasses

1.Eyes that are too narrow

Narrow eyed women should line Eyes clearly. Select frames that are large but feminine. Use Fashion glasses as an accessory

2.Eyes that are too far apart

Create the illusion that eyes are closer Together by applying Shadow to inside corners of eyelids. Choose frames with a double bridge to draw attention to the centre of the face ( for eyes that are too close together, shadow the outer corners of eyelids) 

3.Round, wide faces

Apply a touch of blusher high on the cheeks in short vertical strokes, with a brownish shade on the cheekbones, distance from top to bottom of frames should be on the short side. 

4. long, narrow faces

Apply blusher in gradation to lower cheeks in horizontal strokes, with a touch of blusher or a heavy coat of foundation to make a pointed Chin look less so. Distance from top to bottom of the frame should be on the long side. 

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Contact lenses: eye makeup without tears

Many women think wearing contact lenses means giving up eye shadow, mascara and eyeliner, they think it will be painful or that it will become Messy when lenses slip out of place and eyes begin tearing but having the convenience of contact lenses doesn’t have to mean renouncing eye makeup.

Here are some tear-free tricks: To make sure lenses are in place, first, relax! you are doing things the right way, so there is no reason for it to hurt. 

  • Close eye, then using the ring finger, Push Up skin just below the brow. This ensures the lid is out of the way of the lens. 
  • Open eye Halfway, opening full prompts tearing and apply cream base eye shadow with downward strokes. Open eyes a bit more when applying main color, and use a brush
  • Mascara: this takes a bit of practice it has to be applied quickly, or the lenses ( not to mention your eyes) will dry you will improve your chances of success if you find a place that is not too dry,  and away from an air conditioner. Use a waterproof mascara so that makeup doesn’t dissolve with tearing. Curling the lashes first will make it easier to apply mascara since the wand will be away from the eyes. 
  • Liner: brush on a liquid liner, lining with the hard pencil can move the lens and make sure the product doesn’t contain ingredients harmful to lenses a hypoallergenic liner may be less irritating to contact wearers. 
  • At the end of the day, remove lenses first and then clean off makeup slowly and carefully

Hope you liked this blog 😉

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