How to treat sunburn

What Is Sunburn?

Sunburn is simply a burn caused by Ultra-violet rays of sun.You might suffer sunburn if you have sensitive or dry skin. Know the difference between sunburn and sun-rash.And learn how to treat sunburn.

Sun-rash can give rash marks while sunburn damages skin cells.When you have sunburn your skin will peel or you will have blisters. Your skin can burn within minutes of exposure or more,It is up-to your type of skin, season and even your location.

Suntanning is a trade-off. Besides giving you a healthy-looking color, it can help strengthen the skin and the ultraviolet rays are a good source of vitamin D. Which make bone stronger but there is no getting around the fact that tanning makes your skin Wrinkle, and is a leading cause of skin cancer. If that concerns you, you should simply stay out of the Sun or take precautions.

Fun Facts about Sunburn

  • Fair skin color is more likely to burn than the dark skin as they have less melanin.
  • Animals can get sunburn especially those with light skin color

Readout this blog up till the end for better tips and better understanding.




1.Use a sunblock base cream(total sunblock).

Of course sunblock or any sun protection product can work for your skin,If are highly sensitive to sun and you turn red right away ,you must use sunblock or sunscreen.

Sunblock stay on top of your skin and defend from ultra violet ray while sunscreen is a kind of chemical which absorbs ultra violet rays from reaching skin layers.

2.Apply thick foundation 

Applying thick water-based foundation when you go out, in case you are not using sunblock, Thick foundation can also prevent skin layer from sun to some extent.Especially use water based foundation so it will not clog your pores and save you from other skin infections.

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3.Stay under the beach umbrella

Americans love sunbaths, But Excess of sunbath can also cause sunburn, Try to stay under he umbrella when you feel burn.

4.Wear a hat 

Hat is must in a sunny day but some fashion lovers do not wear as it hides the beauty of their hair and if you are one of them please understand the important of your skin. Hat can play a good role in protection from sunburn

5.Re-apply Foundation

If you are a working women you know how to take care of yourself sepecially when you work outdoor. Keep your makeup fresh and reapply foundation every two to three hours.

6.If you have oily skin

Note: if you have very oily skin, use a powder-based foundation with the high SPF (sun protection factor), up to 30 SPF is now available.Check the mirror to make sure you haven’t missed any patches.

7.Wipe off sweat frequently

Whether or not you want to tan, prevent burning by wiping off sweat frequently, and occasionally cooling your face with the spray of mineral water or try the Japanese Summertime solution and use a brightly coloured fan to cool yourself.

8.Sun time

Stay out of the sun between 11:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. when the ultraviolet rays are strongest. Begin with just a few minutes of exposure from 10 to 11:00 a.m. or 4 to 5 p.m., before building up to longer exposure use suntan oil with an SPF factor of at least 4(or more according to your skin) to screen out some of the ultraviolet rays. 

9.If you burn

If you do burn, for about a week afterwards, do not scrub or manipulate the skin roughly, as that could complicate the damage already caused by the burn. 

10.Massage and Moisturize

After sunning, bathe or shower in lukewarm water, Use leather soap into the skin with the palms, not with the Rough washcloth. After bathing, massage for 3 minutes to get rid of dry skin. Apply moisture lotion. Use a face pack twice a week to open the pores and assist in recovery. Take a good amount of vitamin C & E.

Neglecting these steps on how to treat sunburn can lead to Blotching, freckles, wrinkles and rough, dry skin. 


  • KNOW your skin-Its weak and strong points. 
  • COMPENSATE for any deficiencies with the right skincare product
  • GET HELP for acne or treat acne naturally, either at the cosmetic counter or from a competent Dermatologist. 
  • THINK DEEPER than the skin, eat and sleep right. 
  • SUNTAN SMART and beware of the trade-offs. 






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