Many women suffer from red skin. Red skin can give you a little unattractive look, You have used many products to cover that red skin but most of the times you are failed doing so, First, let’s talk about the 3 main causes of red skin and then how-to reduce redness on the face.

Redness on face causes

1.Excessive sun exposure

Sun exposure causes the collagen around your skin so your little blood vessels become weak thus starts appearing your blood vessels and your skin gets red over the time.

2.Medical conditions

Medical conditions like acne that cause your skin to be red. Allergy is another cause of redness. It gives red spots on your skin.


Your skin can get irritated because of the products you use or dryness during winter or excessive use of acidic products.

luckily there are a lot of things you can do for your red skin some of them are told by many Dermatologists on how to reduce redness on the face

Treatment: How to reduce redness on the face

  1. Use a gentle cleanser which is milky then use a very good moisturizer according to your skin type, Avoid rubbing your skin too much when massaging with cleanser. The best practice is to massage gently so your skin will thank you. Or Follow these three steps cleansing routine if you are a working woman,
  2. There are many products available in the market for redness relief. Try using a product on your hand before applying on your face this way you can test the product if it is allergic or not. Allergies caused by cosmetics can also result in red blotches.
  3. Use cold water or rose water after washing your face. Coldwater freezes the pores and can relieve redness.
  4. Try avoiding too much sun exposure or take measures when you go out.
  5. When taking care of the skin It is important to follow a good skincare routine according to skin type. If the condition is getting worse please consult a Dermatologist

If you treat your skin properly you can surely get over facial redness you hate.