how to reduce redness on the face

How to reduce redness on the face

Many women suffer from red skin because of various reasons. Red skin can give you a little unattractive look.

You have used many products to cover that red skin but most of the time you are failing doing so. First, let’s talk about the 10 causes of red skin and then how to reduce redness on the face instantly.

10 Causes of redness on face

1.Excessive sun exposure

The skin uses sunlight to help manufacture vitamin D, which is good for health but at the same time too much exposure makes Little blood vessels weak thus starts appearing your blood vessels and your skin gets red over time.


Medical conditions like acne that cause your skin to be red.Acne causes due to multiple reasons and leave you depressed as it gives your scars as well.


Your skin can get irritated because of the products you use or dryness during winter or excessive use of acidic products.

When your skin is dry It gives red spots on your skin.

9.Spicy food

Spices are great for your metabolism but Did you know? Intake of spicy food can also trigger the redness in your face?

Spice food has the ability to generate heat which in results increases the blood flow on the face so it turns red.


Rosacea is a skin disorder that affect millions of people every year although there is no clue of its cure.

It starts appearing from your cheeks ,nose and forehead which by the time spread all around your body such as ears,neck and chest.

Rosacea tighten your skin and breaks blood vessels. It has 4 types


Eczema appears like a rash on your feet but there are different stages of it.

It also affects your facial skin.And a fact, eczema is activated with certain food items such as dairy or nuts. Eczema doesn’t have any complete cure.It stays lifetime or vanishes by the time or redness is reduced in summers.It makes skin sensitive ,itchy and extremely dry.

7.Use of fairness creams

Fairness creams or any formula for lightening skin color is one of the biggest harm. Your skin has 3 layers,the first layer is dark,the second is lighter than the first layer,and the third layer is way more lighter than the first layer.

Fairness cream is reaching the third layer to make you look fair by damaging the first and second layer which at the end causes sensitivity and redness on face.It can also cause skin cancer.

8.Bad quality cosmetics

It is important to understand the quality of cosmetics you use, especially when you are allergic,there are several copies of branded products in the market. Choose wisely

Using poor quality cosmetics on your face can cause skin allergy thus leaving your skin with redness.

9.Insect bite

Sometime an insect bite your face and you think its a pimple and you unknowing start  itching which spreads the infection and make the specific area red.

10.Contact dermatitis

Its a type of skin rash which is caused when skin gets into connection with an irritating substance.

E.g bleach or harsh acidic soap


luckily there are a lot of things you can do for your red skin some of them are told by many Dermatologists on how to reduce redness on the face

Treatment: How to reduce redness on the face (No disease)

Severe skin disease should be cured by a dermatologist for example worst acne or eczema.Following measures are for common skin allergies or constant redness (not for severe conditions).If you face redness issue on your face,Here are 10 instant solutions.

1.Mild Cleanser

Use a gentle cleanser which is milky then use a very good moisturizer according to your skin type, Avoid rubbing your skin too much when massaging with cleanser. The best practice is to massage gently so your skin will thank you. Or Follow these three steps cleansing routine if you are a working woman,

2.Redness relief

There are many products available in the market for redness relief. Try using a product on your hand before applying on your face. This way you can test the product if it is allergic or not. Allergies caused by cosmetics can also result in red blotches.

3.Cold water

Use cold water or rose water directly after coming from the sun.It will sooth and save your skin. Cold water freezes the pores and can relieve redness.

4.Sun prevention

Try avoiding too much sun exposure or take measures when you go out.You can use sunblock or a hat that can stop sun rays to your face right away.

5.Choose suitable products

When taking care of the skin It is important to follow a good skincare routine according to skin type. If the condition is getting worse please consult a Dermatologist

6.Stop intake of spices 

You should stop intake of spices if you are already facing redness or any skin disease.Doctors highly forbid acne patients for spice intake.

7.Use ice cube

Ice cube is all you need,it is literally the best weapon for all your facial problems. Use an ice cube once a day,rub it for at least 1 min under the piece of cotton. It will soothe your skin and reduce dryness as well as redness on your face.It will also help even tone skin.

8. Aloe Vera Gel or Cucumber

You have been heard about the supernatural qualities of Aloe Vera gel for skin.Aloe gel is also useful for reducing redness on any part of your skin or Aloe Vera gel also cures acne and kills the harmful gems in the skin.

Cucumber has cooling qualities and it can sooth redness if you rub cucumber on the face.

9.Use chemical peel

Any chemical peel can be used but it must be applied by a dermatologist.Chemical peel removes dead skin cells and treats facial redness .Salicylic acid peels and Glycolic acid peels are the most common.

10.Drink Water

Drink plenty of water especially when your skin is red. Water will instantly cool down your skin from within.You will see instant relief in just 5 or 10 minutes.    

These are 10 cause and 10 solutions to calm your redness on face 🙂 If you treat your skin properly you can surely get over facial redness you hate.Lets use know if you benefit from this article



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