how to get rid of wrinkles

How to get rid of wrinkles in most effective way

You might have read many articles talking about how to get rid of wrinkles.but in this article you will know its cause and measures to slow down wrinkles.

Remember skin heals steadily so be patient 🙂

What Causes Wrinkles

This problem varies greatly from individual to individual. A woman in her 20s main fret over it as much as someone twice her age and to 55-year-old women main look as much as 30 years apart.

The variables include genetic factors like race, as well as controllable factors such as stress, nutrition, and skincare.

Hormone creams and massage help to some degree, but in general, the final recourse is cosmetic surgery. The best approach is to try to slow the progress of wrinkling. It occurs when the skin becomes thin and dry, and the connective tissue weakens and loses elasticity.

On the other hand, People with Oily skin are less likely to get wrinkle as the natural skin oily keeps the skin moist. But they may face acne or other skin problem due to being an owner of oily skin. Here is the prescribed treatment on how to get rid of wrinkles or slow down its process by the Japanese way of living.

How to get rid of wrinkles

Here are some measures you need to take in order to get rid of wrinkles.

But before this, Did you know This fact Japanese women have avoided the sun one reason is that Japanese skins are quite sensitive to sunburn. While the west has been sun worshipers since so long. The results are already becoming visible, old Japanese ladies who grew up avoiding sun generally have a smooth and clear complexion, In fact, you would be hard to guess their ages while younger women who bake themselves every summer are experiencing early wrinkles and spot pigmentation which are the result from sun damage.

1. Wash your face properly

Each night, remove oily cosmetics with oily cleansing cream. Then wash the face with soap or cleansing foam, rinsing 5 times, to extract makeup left in the pores.

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2. Eat well

Eat balanced meals, with adequate protein and vitamins. These are necessary for new tissue formation, and for preventing rough, dry skin. Prefer eating watermelon as it contains 90% water.

3. Sleep early

Remember your beauty regimen continues even as you sleep, so you get to bed before midnight. There are compelling reasons for this.

Skin cell division tends to peak between 10:00 p.m. and 2:00 a.m. beauty-related hormones are secreted, and the autonomic nervous system goes on duty at night.

Not getting enough sleep at night disturbs these mechanisms so staying out until late into the night is an invitation to Wrinkles.

4. Resist yourself 

Asians love spicy food which destroys their skin but keep metabolism good. Be careful to control your intake of alcohol, as well as coffee and spicy foods, which also promote wrinkling to the high level and we do not realize.

5. Use creams that are essential

Supply the skin by applying nutrient creams containing amino acids, collagen, elastin placenta, or female hormone. Stimulate circulation and sebaceous glands by massage, taking care to massage upward, not in the direction of gravity.

Follow with the moisture cream or lotion to prevent drying. Use facial packs for nutrient value and to stimulate the circulation.

6. Say no to HEAT

Protect your skin from the sun. Use a humidifier in dry rooms, particularly during the colder Seasons when the heating is on. ( nothing dries out the skin like very warm, moisture-less rooms)

if possible, re-apply Foundation during the day, Read here and You can kind sun preventions.

If you are following this way of slowing down the process of wrinkles then you would get 100% results But don’t forget Consistency is the key and if you like this blog don’t forget to share how to get rid of wrinkles.

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