How to do shiatsu

How to do shiatsu

Shiatsu is a Japanese technique of facial workout. It is really very useful in reducing wrinkles before they get deep. That’s the reason you should know how to do shiatsu

You can use this technique when your face is clear of makeup but before washing. The areas that will benefit most are around the eyes, between eyebrows, forehead around the mouth and the sides of the nose. 

Shiatsu can be done leaning back in a chair and looking up or lying in bed or lying in the tab with your neck against the rim.

This technique doesn’t require any cream or oil once you get used to them It just takes a few minutes a day, Good thing is that anyone over the age of 25, can benefit from this technique. 

How to do shiatsu At home

Here is how you can do it at home and relax yourself.

1.Eye area

Place ring fingers underneath Brows, and press gently for a count of 3. Move fingers away from each other, and press again for these counts. 

Repeat, moving between eyes and brows until you reach temples

2. Thinkers wrinkles

Thinkers wrinkles caused by straining to see because of poor eyesight or from knitting Brows as in thought. As soon as wrinkle appear, massage with ring and Middle fingers of both hands, circling in and out, pressing hard on the upstroke softly on the way down. 

3.Mouth area

Begin under the wings of the nose using a ring and Middle fingers, massage outward in a circular motion. repeat, beginning from the corners of the mouth. 

4.Around nose 

Place ring and Middle fingers on either side of nostrils and circle out, pressing lightly and staying just below cheekbones.

5.Expressive wrinkles 

Appear if you frequently move eyebrows upward and open Eyes Wide or look up while speaking use ring and middle finger, circling up and out from the centre of the forehead. 

Massage is part of your war on wrinkles, a war that should be fought long and hard Unlike the so-called Swedish massage, Japanese shaistu tends to be sharper and more intense but with greater overall benefits like other massages, shiatsu leaves the body with a feeling of well-being and is an excellent way to make yourself relax.



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