How to cure red blotches on skin

Tired of blotches? Can’t find its treatment?

Blotches can destroy your natural look, but don’t worry! Read this blog for its treatment.

Remember skin takes time to heal so be patient  🙂

Problem: How to cure red blotches on skin (live & sun spots, freckles)

When your skin is young, it replaces itself about every four weeks. But as you age, this process slows, leaving the skin susceptible to permanent deposits of black pigment, or melanin. This condition can be brought on by overexposure to the sun, taking contraceptives or other drugs, or occasionally, cosmetics. A hormone imbalance, either because of pregnancy or the natural ageing process, can induce Blotching, as can liver-related ailments, fatigue, stress and acne.

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Blotches can be completely removed only by laser treatment or surgery. But there are several ways to make Blotches less prominent and to retard darkening.

1. Massage blotches while washing your face at night

Wash your face carefully every night to remove all trace of cosmetics. Massage blotchy areas to stimulate circulation and metabolism, and to spread pigment to prevent deposits from forming.

2. Supply Vitamins

Vitamin C helps lighten Blotches, and  Vitamin E helps reduce Blotch-inducing lipid peroxide in the blood. As Vitamins can’t be absorbed through the skin so the only option is consuming either vitamin-rich foods or capsules. Take 1000mg of vitamin C or, even better, try to eat more raw foods like strawberries, oranges, cucumbers, and

with a supplement if needed. You’ll want to take about 100 IU of vitamin E a day.

3. Protect from sun

Wear sunscreen or extra foundation to protect the skin from ultraviolet rays. Get treatment for constipation or other ailments. And relax, or you’ll produce extra melanin.

Follow these simple treatment to heal your skin and if the condition gets worst, visit a dermatologist for a better prescription.

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