Scrubbing is an essential part of Skincare routine for all skin types At least once a week scrubbing should be done at home or from any trusted salon. face Scrubbing basically removes your dead skin and keeps it glowing and youthful. It helps get rid of dull complexion and makes skin look fresh.

Easy Steps to do face scrubbing

  • Wash your face with a good Cleanser and keep your face a little wet.
  • Apply scrub with your fingertips and massage gently to the upward direction on your cheeks
  • Don’t forget to massage under the nostrils and the area between your lips and chin as many people do not pay attention to this area

It makes skin extremely soft and gentle that my man loves it.

It also prevents skin from acne naturally and other related skin problems. Face scrubbing fights with blackheads and open pores to get a deep cleansing.

Once face scrub removes all the dead, dry skin cells, it reveals the young, new skin underneath.

Also, it removes all the flakes and dry patches, When dry layer gets off, Skin absorbs better moisturizer and if you are using other skincare products It would be more effective than usual