Homemade makeup setting spray-Only 2 ingredients

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What is makeup setting spray? Why should we use it

First of all, the purpose of makeup setting spray is to keep your makeup as it has been left and make it more lasting also it adjusts your makeup accordingly so the face looks natural and more elegant, therefore you might have seen many makeup artists use it after makeup.

It resolves your major problem

  • Generally, girls complain that they have cracks in their foundation after a certain period of time which spoils the appearance. It saves the foundation from getting cracks.
  • Also, it makes the makeup last long as it had been done.
  • If you are working women it keeps the face fresh for hours and makeup stays for long.

But is it necessary to buy a makeup setting spray ? when you can make it at home? Why add more money to your cosmetics expense of the month. Here is the simplest way to make it at home with 2 ingredients only.

Homemade makeup setting spray

All you need:

  • Rose bottle
  • Spray bottle
  • Fresh aloe vera gel or readymade one


Get it done instantly

Step 1: Take a clean spray bottle.

Step 2: Add aloevera gel in a quarter of the bottle.

Step 3: Pour the bottle with rose water.

Step 4: Shake it well so that aloevera gel and rose water mix well.

And you are done with your pocket-friendly makeup setting spray.


Spray when you’re done with all of your makeup and let it dry. Keep this spray into your fridge. Also, You can keep this for a maximum of 10 days


If you’re allergic to fresh aloe vera gel then chose the readymade one for your spray. If your skin gets irritated then stop using it right away. It only happens less often as herbal ingredients never harm you.

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