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Best Meal Plan For Ramadan

Preparing for Ramadan in advance is vital and the happiness of keeping fast is absolutely soul-soothing so the importance of a healthy meal plan for Ramadan is also there. The way of eating healthy in Ramadan. You’ Should be as stress-free as possible during the month.

As we are catching Ramadan I want to share some tips to make the most of this month – Yes! I am writing about meal planning and organizing so you spend less time in the kitchen and eat healthy so you remain fresh and spend more time in Ibadat/Prayers.

Healthy And Clean Eating in Ramadan

I am the first to admit this here while I am talking all about eating healthy, I love having fried items in Ramadan. I also know that for a lot of people (including me) it isn’t considered a proper as well as royal iftar if there are no pakora’s and  samosa’s on the table! And you might be the one 🙂
Fortunately, when there is a will there is a way,

Of course, there are ways to have the food you enjoy and still maintain a good diet.

  • Use healthy cooking methods like shallow frying, grilling, baking and air-frying. Shallow-fry pakora’s and bake/grill/air-fry samosa’s & rolls.
  • Use kitchen towel/tissue paper for soaking up excess oil, do not use newspaper as the ink contains lead which is toxic.
  • Limit the number of fried items at Iftar maybe only keep 1-2 items at a time so the cravings are indulged without going over-board.
  • Organize the rest of the meal in reference to the items served at iftar. If serving a heavy iftar with fried items, make sure that the rest of the items are healthy like salads, fruit chaat, beans (cholay, lobia or rajma), Dahi baray etc.
  • Alternatively, serve a light iftar with 2-3 basic items and then a family-style dinner meal like chicken karahi or something special like biryani, Singaporean rice, paneer reshmi handi or a one-pot/casserole-style dish.

Balance Meal Plan For Ramadan

Eating a diet is even more essential during Ramadan. We are fasting from sunrise to sunset, and it’s necessary to eat food which gives us much-needed nutrition. Feeling weak subsequent day after having an important iftar & skipping dinner isn’t due to the very fact but due to not eating properly!

Our diet should ideally include food from all major food groups

  • Bread or cereals,
  • Milk & dairy products,
  • Meat, fish or other protein,
  • Fruits and vegetables and fat & sugar.

It is okay to indulge once but food with high sugar or fatty food should be avoided because it digests slowly and makes you feel thirsty during the day.

Eating fibre-rich food or complex carbohydrates is suggested especially during Sehri as they’re digested slowly and supply much needed energy during the day. This includes food like oats, bread (wholewheat or bran/multi-grain preferred), beans (chickpeas, red beans/rajma, black-eyed peas/lobia), and fruits and vegetables (especially green vegetables).

As long as you’re eating healthy, what you eat is up to you. as an example, I understand some people like having something light for Sehri or eat bread with butter but I got to have my roti else I don’t feel full. What I usually do is have whole-wheat roti with leftover salan, and a glass of milk.

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Your Body Should Be Hydrated

Almost all folks are guilty of gulping down 3-4 glasses of water, juices or carbonated drinks at Iftar then instantly feeling bloated and too sick to possess anything else! really we should always consume 8-10 glasses of liquid from iftar to sehri properly spaced out so our body is hydrated.

You can also set drinking time after every hour uptill sehri so your body would stay hydrated during the day.
Carbonated drinks are high in sugar & caffeine may not provide the hydration what our body requires. Instead, make smoothies/milkshakes/lassis for Sehri & Iftar.

Eat fresh fruit or vegetables with high water like tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, watermelon, melons and oranges. If you’re drinking juices or ‘Laal Sherbet’ (must in every household at Iftar time) plan to avoid adding sugar, or drink with milk.

Go fit, advance Ramadan Mubarak 😊

Meal plan for Ramadan Explained by Huma khan (Health & Fitness Coach)


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