Hair problem is one of the hurdles in achieving your beauty goals. Beautiful and healthy hair is every girl’s dream However, It is also important for boys to have healthy and thick hair as well. Let’s talk about some basic yet necessary hair care tips.

Unhealthy and dull looking hair can give you a bad day as it has a huge effect on your appearance. No doubt thick and Shinny hair boosts your confidence to the next level.

You might have tried many hair fall remedies but none of them worked, right? One reason is that you might not be consistent to such remedy, know that Consistency is the key!

Yes, here are some dos and don’ts of hair care that you should know if you actually want your hair to be healthy.

This hair care tips apply to all hair types.

Hair care tips: dos

1. Blush your hair before a shower

It is one of the reasons for hair breakage. Always comb or brush your hair when you are about to take shower It helps spread hairs natural oil from the scalp to end. Always detangle knots.

2. Oil as much as you can

We all know oiling is essential for healthy hair no matter what oil you use. Moisturize scalp as much as you moisturize your face when its winter. Hair gets nourishment with different oils. Don’t stick to one for a long time or use the mixture of oils.

3. Trim split ends

Many girls seem to to be afraid of trimming as the thought of losing the length of hair, however, it’s not a fact Hair doesn’t grow long if it has split ends. It is highly recommended to get rid of split ends at least once every 3 months and believe me your hair will grow faster than usual.

4. Sleep with your hair open

Sleeping with your hair tied may cause breakage. Sleeping with open hair helps better blood circulation and will help grow hair faster also gives relaxation. So, always sleep your hair open.

5. Detangle your hair once a day

Brush your hair at least once a day whenever you have a break at your work. Keep a comb in your bag!

6. Shampoo only scalp

When we shampoo our hair, we shampoo all the hair strands while the fact you should only cleanse your scalp and roots. You may apply conditioner to your strands so they will not dry out and get effected,Never shampoo your hair directly, mix it with water and then use it. You can also use vitamins for your hair as well as skin. Read here What vitamins you should use

Hair care tips: Don’ts

1. Don’t expose to sun

Try to cover your head with a scarf or hat to avoid sun exposure or to protect your hair from air pollution. Exposure to sun literally burns your hair.

2. Never comb wet hair

Avoid combing wet hair as it has the tendency to break much quicker than combing dry hair. If it is necessary to comb then use a wide-tooth comb. Do not tie your hair too tied let them free.

3. Prevent from heat instruments

If you really love your hair then you should stop using heat instrument like straightener or hair roller. If you already use them, try using less often with low temperature. Stay far away from keratin or rebounding type of treatments. Stop using hair gel, hair wax and spray.

4. Do not wash hair regularly

Washing hair regularly causes dry scalp which results in hair fall. One study declares that if you want to get rid dryness leave your scalp with its natural oil for at least 2 days by not washing your hair. Shampoo only twice a week and you will see results.

5. Do not wash hair with warm water

When washing your hair you should be more concerned about the temperature of the water. Always wash your hair with cold water as warm water gives more damage and makes your hair look dull and damage also it makes the scalp dry. You might have smelled your hair after a warm shower it smells like burnt is actually the smell of damage to your hair. Even in winter try to wash your hair separately with cold water.

6. Do not keep your hair wet

After washing hair does not keep them wet. However, don’t dry them either with a towel or blow-dry. You can get rid of excess water by squeezing it or using an old piece of cloth. Also, don’t sleep with wet hair it will make your hair detangle badly.

Quick tip:

Opposite combing gives you an amazing bounce try it when you go to an event.

If you take care of these hair care tips you will see visible results. Better growth and nourishment for your hair for hair growth.