Glasses as a fashion accessory

Eyeglasses used to have a Shabby reputation. Nowadays, fashion-conscious young people are so fond of eyeglasses, most wearers seem to buy them for Sheer fun, rather than for lack of perfect vision. Some even their frames without any lenses at all!

Your selection should take into account not just the shape of your face, but your whole body as well and whether you are using them for casual or formal wear.

With the range of glasses frames for girls available today, glasses can be selected to fit the occasion and to help cover flaws in a face or play up its strong points.

Finally, take a look at your hairstyle, makeup with eyeglasses and favourite clothes what colour of frames would best complement them.

A perfectly proportioned face measures this way:

The distance between the hairline to eyebrows is equalled to eyebrows to tip of the nose is equals to the tip of the nose to chin.

The owner of this face can wear any kind of range with age for the rest of us there are frames that don’t work, and ones that look great.

Glasses frames for girls:

In general, there are two kinds of faces in the world long and round.

If you have a long face you should select frames that don’t make it look longer conversely if your face is round, you should buy glasses that thin your face.

Good for a long face:

Frames that don’t play up the distance between eyes and chin. Large frames and dark colours go well. if your face is on the thin side, choose big frames that are uniformly wide or narrow all around, but not wide on top and narrow on bottom.

Good for a round face:

Small, thin frames, with little or no decoration, look great. Stay away from large frames. Frames that are thicker on the outer rims are flattering. Dark frames can make you look like a raccoon, choose metal or plastic frames in pastel colours.

If you have a long nose:

Frames with double bridge create a strong horizontal line that shortens the nose.

If you have a short nose:

Frames with an overarching bridge de-emphasize the nose.

indeed, glasses, especially dark boxer frames, have become an essential fashion accessory for young people.

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Whether or not you wear glasses out of necessity you should be as discriminating about them as you are with your makeup, perhaps more so, since the frames will be the most prominent part of your face.

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