Effective Shampoos For Dandruff Everyone Can Use

7 Effective Shampoos For Dandruff Everyone Can Use

Dandruff? Puff! This says it all,no? Like me,many will agree that hair and ‘you’ are like two estranged souls,one is high on dandruff and other is high on caffeine.In life there are two things that actually come without an invitation or an effort that is number 1, ‘failures’ and second most important,dandruff.It makes you sick and tired from scratching to itching but still you don’t get rid from dandruff. I know,I can feel it because almost every other person i know is suffering from dandruff. As they say memories and dandruff are like two best friends,no matter how much you clean them they always find a way to come back.

It seems like I’m really tired from dealing dandruff but hey no,I have made myself ‘a dandruff-free’ by using some good anti-dandruff shampoos

No worries,following listed shampoos are amazing yet effective shampoos for dandruff that will help you in getting rid of dandruff and make your hair healthy,rich and radiant and most importantly, your scalp will be dandruff-free.

Get dandruff-free,be happy 🙂

1- Neutrogena’s T Gel Shampoo:

When we talk about beauty, be it your hair,skin,nails, neutrogena is one brand that is trusted blindly with little to no side effects.You just name it and Neutrogena has it! Speaking of which,dandruff puff! That expression says it all,no? Say bye-bye to dandruff by using this hot-seller T/Gel neutrogena therapeutic shampoo.It is dermatologically tested and gives a long-lasting relief from dandruff and any kind of clinical conditions such as from psoriasis and seborrheic Dermatitis and subsidies itching.It also helps removing gross flakes present on your scalp,it’s like peeling of the flakes from your scalp and making it dandruff-free.it can be used once weekly in order to have dandruff-free hair.If having moderate-to-severe dandruff then use it twice weekly or as recommended.

Anti-Dandruff Treatment for Long-Lasting Relief of Itching and Flaking Scalp

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1.it is clinically tested and is one of the effective shampoos for dandruff and decreases sebum production

2.It is pocket-friendly 

3.it is easily available as a neutrogena dandruff shampoo on amazon.


1.It is not suitable for light-colored hair such as bleached,blonde and gray hair.

2.It must be used with caution on color-treated hair.

3.if skin irritation or itching occurs,stop using it immediately and consult your dermatologist. 

2-Nizoral A-D Anti-Dandruff Shampoo:

It is a medicated shampoo and approved by many dermatologists.It is one anti-dandruff shampoo that is available over-the-counter(OTC).It is one of the many effective shampoos for dandruff that helps to reduce large amount of flakes or a pool of dandruff or we can say,it’s ‘your quick fix/remedy to severe dandruff.It is safe to use for any hair type,why? Because it has an anti fungal component(ketoconazole) that reduces inflammation and fungus which is the root cause of dandruff.It can be used twice a week for better results.

Nizoral Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

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1.It is safe to use for any hair-type including color-treated hair.

2.It has a pleasant smell and leaves your scalp fresh and healthy.

3.It is easily found in dandruff shampoos on amazon


1.It may cause dry skin.

2.It may cause dryness or oiliness of the hair and scalp.

3.if a person is sensitive to ketoconazole,stop immediately and consult your dermatologist

3-Neutrogena T/Sal Therapeutic Shampoo:

It is one of the best hair products to get great feedback and amazing reviews,leaving customers satisfied.It is one of the best sulphate-free dandruff shampoo leaving hair fresh and luxurious after a wash.It has salicylic acid that chemically exfoliates scalp and removes crust of flakes.it’s like a cleanser to scalp.It is suitable for all hair-types. Is recommended by most dermatologists.


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1.It is clinically tested and is one of the effective shampoos for dandruff,psoriasis and seborrheic dermatitis.

2.It is available at drugstore prices

3.it is suitable for all hair types,colored and chemically processed hair.


1.It is slightly drying on hair.

2.Some may develop skin irritation so always used as prescribed.

3.very rare,hypersensitive to drug,burns,hives and skin ulcer.

4-Free & Clear Shampoo:

It is one of the best non-medicated sulfate-free dandruff shampoo.It is like a cleanser and foaming agent that is suitable best for sensitive skin-types.it’s an award winning effective shampoo for dandruff.It is dermatologically tested and since it is chemical free so it is suitable for all hair-types including colored/dyed,gray hair and chemically processed hair.

Free & Clear Hair Shampoo Fragrance, Gluten and Sulfate Free For Sensitive Skin

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1.It is used to treat dry scalp,psoriasis and seborrheic dermatitis.

2.It is best for sensitive skin-types.

3.It is fragrance-free.


1.It should be used only when prescribed by your dermatologist.

2.It must be used with caution on color-treated hair.

3.if skin irritation or itching occurs,stop using it immediately and consult your dermatologist.

5-Philip Kingsley Flaky Scalp Shampoo:

Philip kingsley anti-dandruff shampoo is a high end hair shampoo but yet an one of the effective shampoos for dandruff.It removes gross flakes so gently from scalp leaving a fresh,smooth and dandruff-free skin in addition it has an amazing apple like fragrance which lifts up your mood after every wash.It is made with such a formula that is not only for all hair-types but it also can be used for any color,dyed and chemically processed hair.It soothes and nourishes scalp like anything drying or stripping  the hair-color.

Philip Kingsley Flaky Scalp Cleansing Shampoo

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1.It is suitable for all hair-types.

2.it has a pleasant fragrance that lifts up one’s mood.

3.It removes flakiness and controls oil/sebum production


1.It is cost effective

2.Sometimes it becomes difficult to find this amazing hair product.

3.it should be used with caution for sensitive-skin hair-types.

6-Malibu-C (Hard Water Wellness) Shampoo:

It is one of the best dandruff shampoos for hard water and treats dandruff  effectively.Malibu treatment is used to remove any hard water,well water,chlorine,any environmental pollutant build-up from the scalp.It frights against dry,discolored and damaged hair.it protects and nourishes every strand of hair by removing excess of falkes and pollutants from scalp.It is a sulfate free shampoo that reduces scalp dryness and irritation.It can be used once weekly to get rid of dandruff and eczema.   

Natural Protective Hard Water Wellness Kit        

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1.It is gentle yet powerfully effective sulfate-free shampoo.

2.it it deals with problematic scalp and thinning of hair.

3.It prevents discoloration caused by environmental pollutants.


1.It has an unpleasant smell.

2.it should be used with caution for sensitive-skin types.

3.It is pricey./cost -effective

7-Kenra Clarifying Shampoo:

It is another yet an amazing drugstore dandruff shampoo for hard water.It restores the health and radiance of hair by removing deposits or flakes from the scalp.It is safe to use in color or dye treated as well as for chemically processed hair by enhancing the color and health of hair.It helps cleansing scalp without drying hair. Kenra clarifying shampoo works better when massaged in to wet hair or over the affected area of scalp.

Kenra Clarifying ShampooKenra Clarifying Shampoo

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1.It deeply cleanses the scalp leaving no deposits/flakes/environmental pollutants.

2.It nourishes and protects hair from drying.

3.It is suitable for all hair-types.


1.It makes hair dry and rough therefore,use it with its hair conditioner that comes along with the shampoo.

2.Sensitive skin-type use with extra care or do a consultation with a dermatologist.

3.It may cause irritation,if it does stop using it immediately.

Quick Tip:

A quick beauty tip to remember that always rub an anti-dandruff shampoo gently and softly in to your scalp or to the affected area of your scalp and then allow it to leave for good five minutes before rinsing and than wash rest of the hair with any normal hair shampoo to avoid dryness and roughness in hair.Lastly,apply a good hair-conditioner to provide extra volume,richness and moisture to your hair and then you are ready to flaunt your beautiful,soft and silky hair effortlessly like a pro 😉


In the end, it doesn’t matter if your life is perfect as long as your hair is so it is very important to choose the right anti-dandruff shampoo for any hair-type because they may cause skin irritation or make your hair rough and dry if not selected according to your hair-type.

Lastly,there are few anti-dandruff shampoos that are available over-the-counter but not all so it is important to use it as prescribed by your dermatologist.

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