Easy trick to check if your digestive system is good

Easy trick to check if your digestive system is good

Are you eating and digesting right? Did you know you can easily check your digestive system at home by yourself?

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It’s no revelation that a good amount of sleep, a good diet and regular elimination are essential to beauty care. in fact, constipation is a prime cause of the skin flare-ups. To ensure your plumbing is in working order make sure you:

  1. Exercise, especially abdominal and back muscle. 
  2. Get Enough vitamin A, B2 and Minerals
  3. Eat high-fibre vegetables. 
  4. Have a routine eat healthy, well-balanced breakfast with regular elimination afterword. 
  5. Avoid stress. 
  6. Do Japanese facial workout
  7. Drink plenty of water. 
  8. Drink milk or tomato juice each morning. 
  9. Massage the belly with the circular motion while in the bath.

Dietary fibre- how to check on your digestive system:

For those who are trying to lose weight, fibre increases volume gives a feeling of fullness and takes longer to chew without adding calories.

Fibrous foods lead slowly into the bloodstream, providing a steady flow of energy for long periods of time. The roughage helps protect and clean the digestive tract.

Regular elimination in order to properly cleanse the body and maintain a healthy intestinal tract.

If you suffer frequently from constipation, consult a physician. If you do take a laxative on your own, make sure it’s a mild one so that it will stimulate, rather than take over, the body is natural function. 

How can you make sure you are eating the right food and getting in a fibre? There is a simple, practical method that you check your stools every day, actually, this is an excellent way to monitor your health and general day to day condition. Which is why mothers check their children stool to make sure they are well and getting the right nutrition. 

After the body intake just the nutrients it needs from food, the rest is excreted as waste, and this is a good barometer of digestion after 15% of the food you eat will become waste of the body excretes. 

So what are you supposed to look for?

The key point is whether the stools are watery and light enough to float or whether they are small in volume and heavy enough to sink. 

Stools that float

Stools that float indicates you are getting enough water-soluble fibre, which is found in foods like fruits, beans and vegetables.

One theory is that while fibre Speed the way for digestion to take place, it also dilutes toxins and hurries them from the digestive tract, has decreased the chances of cancer. 

Heavy stools

If your diet is low in fibre, your stools will be hard and heavy. A high-fat, low-fibre diet will produce small, heavy stools. 

High-fibre, low-oil foods will result in larger, softer stools. (Note: If you have diarrhoea, a soluble fibre found in many fruits which absorbs water, is needed to thicken the stool) 

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