Choose Best Nail Polish Colors For Winter

Choose Best Nail Polish Colors For Winter

Planning to go out for a dinner or lunch or it’s a date night, you will never miss a chance of getting all – dolled up and wearing a nice nail color that can rock any outfit and makes a statement.Although, a nail color may seem a teeny tiny detail but it makes a huge difference on your entire look.As eyelashes can be a major look-killer similarly a nail paint can be an ultimate treat to an eye.It not only leaves you mesmerized just by looking at the perfect application of a deep bold nail color but it also adds the desire to utilize your beauty arsenal.

Looking For Best Nail Color For Winter?

Any special occasion ? No worries,we got your back ladies,switch from those nudes and pastels nail colors and save them for a tad bit more festive and bring on them sparkles,glitter,chrome,neons and sheers that gives a way to deep,dreamy shades that can enlighten any party or occasion and makes your manicure a canvas for some wild and bolder art.So here i am enlisting the best nail polish colors for winter from shimmery party colors to matte – jewel tones just to lift up your cold – weather slump.

1-Essie Nail Polish (Angora Cardi-Nail Shade):

Essie has one of the best ranges of nail polish colors for winters as it never fails to disappoint you in any party or occasion.It gives the strong winter vibes and perfect for any day-time winter weddings. Plus, it looks good on all skin types. To enhance its color a nail top coat is a must and to retain it for a few days with no cracks.



Buy Now At Amazon For $8.99 : Essie Nail Color 


1.It is available in many shades.

2.It may come in variable packaging.

3.It gives a cool,shimmery and frosty affect.


1.It may require a 2 coat application

2.You may need a top coat for better results.

3.It may require a re-do 

2-Marc Jacobs ( Enamored Hi-Shine Shade) Runway Edition.

Marc Jacobs, yes you read it right.It’s a high end nail product which gives amazing luster and shine to your nail.It may be pricey but it is value for money.It’s a rich color that you can’t go wrong with its jewel tone.It is one of the best nail polish colors for winter that you can’t resist but force to apply.

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marc jacob.png

Buy Now At Amazon For $33.63 : Marc Jacobs Runway Edition


1.It is the best nail polish color on amazon available.

2.It is perfect for any winter festivities.

3.It gives a glossy appearance.


1.It is expensive.

2.It’s availability may become an issue.

3.It should not be open to air.

3-Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Color ( Hunger Flames):

Sally Hansen is among the best sellers at amazon and one of the best nail polish colors for winter. You name it and Sally has it. They never ever fail to impress you with its vibrant and radiant color. They are definitely your go to for any winter festivities.

sally hansen

Buy Now At Amazon For $6.00 : Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Color


1.It is gel based nail color so stays for a longer time.

2.It is among the best nail polish colors on amazon available at drugstore prices.

3.It gives a high shine gloss and luster. 


1.If open to air,it may evaporate as it is gel based.

2.It may get gooey with time.

3.If not roll well it will give a thick consistency on application.

4-Nails Inc (Nail Pure,Hot Pink -Nail Shade):

Nails Inc is pretty known and comes in the category of best winter nail polish. It has got some nicest range of nail colors which are definitely your go to or all in all it’s a must have. It will rock any occasion with its utmost shine and gloss. This particular shade of nails inc is perfect for any daytime festivities.

nails inc


Buy Now At Amazon For $15.00 : Nails Inc Nail Polish.


1.It is one of the most trendy and latest nail polish colors for winters as it brings frost to boot.

2.It has a smooth texture 

3.It is non-toxic and 70 percent plant based and vegan free.


1.There are no cons related to this article.

5-Butter London ( Patent-Shine 10X):

As its name, this nail polish color packs a glass like sheen along with thicker cushiony formula that is almost similar to those gel based nail colors.It is free from all 10 toxins that can harm the nail bed or nail tip rather it gives high shine.


Buy Now At Amazon For $18.00 : Butter London Patent Shine 10X


1.It gives a long lasting effect for a few days.

2.It is one of the latest nail colors that does no need a base or a top coat 

3.It is perfect for someone who is always on the go and wants to save time.


1.There are no cons related to this article.

6- Christian Dior Vernis (Mirage) Nail polish. 

Dior? Yes it may seem a little pricey but trust me it’s worth every penny giving incredible results and long lasting vibrant effect which is an absolute treat to an eye. This may be a high end nail product but is among the best nail polish colors for winter. It will not be wrong to call it a hot mess because it’s so vibrant and so aesthetic that it can pull off any outfit.


Buy Now At Amazon For $26.24 : Christian Dior Vernis (Mirage) Nail polish


1.It easily glides on and dries super fast.

2.It helps protect your nails from damage.

3.It lasts for a long time.


1.It is expensive.

2.If it is left open and may evaporate.

3.It may need a 2 coat application.

7-Sundays No 20 Nail Polish:

As the name says, too cool for any skin type.It is one of the best nail polish available at the drugstore prices.It dries super quick and fast,leaving an amazing matte-glossy finish look that is perfect for any day time wedding or any winter festivities.

Buy Now At Amazon For $18.00 : Sundays No 20 Nail Polish


1.It is non toxic that is free from any kind of chemicals and gentle on the skin.

2.It has an amazing collection of nail shades.

3.It is safe to use in pregnancy and has a long lasting effect.


1.There are no cons available related to this article

Quick Tip:

A quick beauty tip on how to apply a good nail shade/polish that can lasts for long.First, file and buff your nails properly so that your nails become even and smooth with no overhang nail tips.Than apply a base coat which will help protect your nails and cuticles from problems like peeling,chipping,splitting and breaking by removing the residue and oils present on the nail bed.

Next, apply a top coat that will ensure that the color stays in its place and prevent from nicking and chipping. A top coat should be super fast drying that causes no nail smudges. After all of this, use a fine brush with a precise tip to create a defined outline around the nail cuticles. Lastly, apply a nail polish with the dominant hand with extra care.


In the end i will say always pick the right shade for any event/occasion especially if it’s a daytime winter event you need to have that perfect nail shade/polish which helps a simple and plain outfit with a deep bold and vibrant nail color can rock your entire outlook.So the above mentioned nail colors are perfect for any winter festivities so just nail on ladies 😉

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