Best Hair Sprays You Should Buy

7 Best Hair Sprays You Should Buy

As they say,’invest in your hair,it’s the crown you never wanna take off’.So selecting a nice hair spray according to your hair type may seem difficult.In a world of fashion, hair styling is of great importance.Great hair doesn’t happen by chance,it only happens by a good hair spray.So glamha’ian’s, here i’m enlisting the best 7 hairsprays which will not add volume and shine to your dull,rough and damaged hair but it will also help any hair style to stay in place for many good hours.

Following are the best hair sprays that are available at drugstore prices:

1-L’oreal Paris Elnett Satin Hair Spray:

L’oreal paris is one of the most favorite drugstore hair products. It is definitely your go-to in terms of styling and maintaining the moisture of your hair.It is hair stylists favorite tool and it has been widely used in many fashion shows. It can be used in any styling form such up-dos,curls or straight,hold your look in place for hours.                       L'Oreal Paris Elnett Satin Extra Strong Hold Hairspray

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1.Loreal  controls humidity and is also the best hair spray that controls frizz.

2.Loreal is known best for damaged and rough hair.

3.It provides long-lasting effect and never makes hair stiff


1.Donot over spray your hair it may leave your hair rock hard

2.Donot spray on eyes, it may cause irritation

3.It has a strong smell.

2-Aussie, Instant- Freeze Hairspray: 

If you’re someone who gets annoyed with frizzy hair and can’t find a solution? Aussie,is your answer to frizz.It control frizz like anything and helps your hair stay in place for hours.

It is suitable for all hair-types and it has a pleasant floral fragrance which keeps your mood happy :). Since it has jojoba oil,moisturizes the scalp and protects from dandruff and prevent hair loss.

Aussie, Hairspray, with Jojoba & Sea Kelp, Strong Hold

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1.As its name says its the best hairspray for frizzy hair and controls humidity.

2.Aussie is one of the best hairspray for damaged and rough hair and adds shine and gloss to the hair.

3.It is suitable for all types of hair and has a pleasant smell.


1.Hairspray evenly otherwise it may stuck at one place

2.Donot apply directly it can cause redness in your eyes.

3.It may give your hair a rough texture.

3-  Moisture Rich Hairspray:

As its name TRESemme is hair professionals favorite pick. It is suitable for all hair types.

It makes your dull hair beautiful and shiny.It comes in wide range for every hair type and has a nice packaging which makes it travel is lightweight and can be used as a conditioner after shower.

TRESemmé Moisture Rich Detangling Spray

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1.It is the best hairspray to de-tangle hair.

2.TRESemme is one of the  best hairspray for damaged and rough hair

3.It is budget-friendly and best hair sprays on amazon


1.Always use as much as required otherwise, it may leave your hair rock hard

2.It may cause irritation and redness so do not apply directly.

3.It has a strong smell.

4-Nexxus Comb Thru  Volume Finishing Mist:

If you’re someone who enjoys hair blow dry and wants to keep them in place, Nexxus is definitely your right pick. It gives your dull hair a glossy appearance.Cherry on top,it has an amazing floral fragrance.Its a value for money product.    

NEXXUS Comb Thru Volume Finishing Mist

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1.Nexxus finishing mist  is a best hairspray for controlling frizzy hair and locks any form of hair style in place.

2.It is best used as a touch-up

3.It gives a glossy look 


1.It can make your hair rough if not washed afterwards.

2.It can cause irritation if it remains for a longer time on head and not washed later.

3.It has an unpleasant fragrance.

5-Miracle Super Hold Finishing Hair Spray :

One hair product which is available at drugstore prices that is Miracle super hold finishing hair spray.It has keratin which strengthens and nourishes your hair. 

It also helps to lock any hairstyle in a  place for hours.It is safe to use for colored/dyed hair and control frizz.

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1.It has a long-lasting effect.

2.It helps to de-tangle hair with ease

3.Miracle super hold finishing hair spray is one of the best hair sprays as it has keratin and provides nourishment and richness to the hair.


1.It may give greasy feel so you need to wash afterwards

2.Never sleep with your hair sprayed otherwise it can leave your hair rough and hard. can cause redness and itching if applied in front of the eyes,

6-Big Sexy Hair Spray:

It is the best hair spray to bring volume in your hair. It is a hair professional favorite drugstore staple.It can also be used in unwashed hair and make them look glossy and shiny. It adds more volume to your hair and gives a rich look for any occasion.It is the best hairspray for damaged and rough minimizes the humidity and makes hair brushing easy.

SexyHair Big Spray & Play Volumizing Hairspray

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1.It is the best hairspray which boosts volume and doesn’t give an icky texture to your hair.

2.It can stay for good hours.

3.It helps to untangle your hair with no hair fall


1.Donot leave it overnight it can make your hair rough and dry

2.It has an unpleasant smell.

3.It can make your hair weak if not washed later.

7-Schwarzkopf Got2b  Hairspray (High Insta Hold):

Schwarzkopf, another hair professionals most trusted and favorite hair product with little to no side effects.It holds any hair style in a place for hours. It is super-fast drying and doesn’t leave any hair product residue.It is also safe to use for colored-dyed hair.It boost your dull hair and make them vibrant,shiny and glossy.

Got2b High Hold Hair Spray

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1.It protects hair from excessive drying

2.It is tested and it is sulfate free that helps to maintain the shine of your hair.

3.It is color safe.


1.if you don’t comb through the application of your hair spray it may cause frizz. may has sticky feel has a strong smell

Quick Tip:

A quick beauty tip to remember that apply any hair spray product either after or before hair wash. If it is before hair wash,it is like boosting your dull and unwashed hair to look vibrant and hydrated.When used after hair wash it makes them look shiny and holds them in place for hours.


In the end, it is important to know your hair-type and then select your hair spray accordingly.

Using a nice and good hair spray increases the shine and richness in your hair.

As they say your hair is held together by a good hair spray and if you want to intact good hair quality then pick the right one.Good hair means having a good day and all your worries come to an end.why? With the use of a good hair spray, you actually let your hair stay in place for hours and that makes your work easy and life is at peace.

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