8 Best Full Coverage Foundations For Oily Aging Skin

8 Best Full Coverage Foundations For Oily Aging Skin

When it comes to more mature skin our skin tends to lose its ability to stay hydrated. It becomes a little dryer even if you  have oily skin. Having oily skin doesn’t mean your skin is hydrated.Make sure you are hydrating skin with skin care products. so your oil is controlled. When it comes to makeup you need to use a good primer with your foundation that can hydrate your skin throughout the day because if you  apply your makeup directly  it may cause allergy  or more dryness.A good hydrating foundation will keep your skin hydrated under your makeup throughout the day.

8 Best Full Coverage Foundations For Oily Aging Skin

Best Full Coverage Foundations For Oily Aging Skin  we are going to discuss in this blog are all best recommendations for oily skin for over 30 or 40. Best match for oily skin is only water based foundation. Oil based foundation may ruin your skin appearance  also may cause pimple and clog pores if you unknowingly bought oil based foundation throw it right away.The foundations in this blog are best foundations for oily skin because they all are water based. 

1.Too Faced Peach Perfect

This comes usually under two shades: beige and nude. This is applied normally. It is not a quick application but it does not take a long time. This is matte but not flat even before setting it with powder. It has medium to full coverage and it is not cakey. It lasts for at least 12 hours looking beautiful all day long even without touch up. It feels good on the skin. This is recommended if you are looking for a good fragrance foundation. Everyone loves a good scent because it stays near your nose. If you want a long wear foundation that looks great on the skin so this is for you. It doesn’t look heavy nor skin light. It looks nice and polished, you can wear it to work or special occasions or parties.  

Here are 2 shades recommended for you.

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2.Bareminerals Barepro Performance 

This foundation is also like the above one neither matte nor flat with long lasting ability.Best thing about this product is even if you are sweating it doesn’t disappear and it is also not cakey . It sticks to your skin very well and gives flawless looks because it stays for hours. You don’t need to worry about your foundation while dancing in the party and while sweating. You will be impressed with this foundation because with the time it sets well on your skin.This foundation covers mature skin fine lines and wrinkles and gives a very smooth look.

Bareminerals Barepro Performance 

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3.Maybelline FitMe Matte And Poreless

Maybelline is the most loved brand by our ladies because of its wide range.This foundation gives medium coverage that you need for natural looking skin.This foundation has almost 40 shades and you can pick the suitable shade for you.This foundation for oily skin blends easily and it is dimmy matte even after setting on the face. It’s non cakey and easy to carry foundation and it looks amazing on the face. This can be your everyday foundation because it can give you natural with a dimmy matte look and it is also formal as it doesn’t give you greasy shine. You can choose to apply this in day time for a natural look.It is pore blurring with full coverage. Ladies who have wrinkles and dark spots due to any reason would love to adopt this foundation.

Maybelline FitMe Matte And Poreless

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4.Smash Studio Hydrating Foundation

This blends nicely it’s between dimmy matte and matte coverage nice color match. Not perfect with pores but still looks good with no cakey look. It gives a realistic skin look. You don’t need to use a concealer with this because it covers all the dark or damaged areas or air brush your sun spots. Even sometimes you will need a concealer with full coverage but not with this one. It doesn’t blur your pores which is why it feels like skin with an amazing flawless look.if you don’t have large pores you can go for it or choose another foundation either way.this last for 5 hours and you will need a retouch. 

Choose this foundation only if you have oily skin or else you will end up hating this product.

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5.Power Play Best Full Coverage Foundations For Oily Aging Skin

This foundation is really loved by many. This is very thin and easy to blend. It is close to skin looking. This covers well but no heavy look and feels light. This is medium to full coverage. Last for 14 hours with few touch ups. Non greasy foundation with light weight. The container is plastic so no need to worry about the breakage during travels.There is a wide range of shades in this foundation for your mature skin.Also it is a premium beauty product on amazon with good ratings.This product has moisturizer in it so you may not need to bother moisturization before its application.Also people love it because it covers rosacea well and doesn’t make skin greasy.

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6. Shimarz Liquid Full Coverage Foundation 

Best foundation for all skin types.Highly recommended for oily skin. This truly looks like your skin blurs pores very well also it protects your skin from damaging with a matte layer it is non greasy and it doesn’t shine. It stays for 5 to 6 hours with few touch ups.this is actually a healthy foundation with full coverage.It protects skin from sun.It doesn’t give you shine even its a sweaty day for you.it is light weight with nice blending. It is dimmy matte finish.

It doesn’t irritate or itch your face with full coverage.This has great results if you apply it in the right way. 

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7. Dermablend Flawless Creator Multi-Use

It is a really high coverage foundation.if you are mature skin with dark spots of age this is for you. It works best for long lasting special event makeup. You will see full coverage on the very first day. This is oil controlling and pore blurring. If you are going to apply this like normal foundations you are going to be surprised because it will give you full coverage even with little application with a very nice look. If you are a HIGH COVERAGE lover you need to pick this foundation.This work great with rosacea also and hydrates your skin.This foundation is from premium beauty on amazon at a bit expensive.But this foundation is worth your money.

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8. Trish McEvoy Beauty Balm 

It brightens and hydrates your skin and even controls oil. This is expensive full coverage foundation for oily skin. I’m not going to sugarcoat it but I promise you will love this foundation. It is an all-in-one product if you are going on a trip and you want to pack a light bag so you don’t have to keep your moisturizer and primer and Foundation. This one actually has oil controlling properties retexturizing properties.I highly recommend this if you want sheer coverage this is the best BB cream I ever found hands down for oily skin.

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Chose best full coverage foundations for oily aging skin and you will find different shades under all products description.

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