8 Best Full Coverage Foundations For Oily Aging Skin

8 Best Full Coverage Foundations For Oily Aging Skin

Tensed and worried? Need to go out or any special occasion is coming up and your skin is acting up and has become flaky,pigmented,blemishes with acne or sudden breakouts and your eyes are hollow,covered with dark circles,that is the time you need to give ‘your’ skin a extra tender-loving-care with a use of a good foundation which can cover or conceal those unwanted areas on your face to give you full coverage glam look or it may help to cover up those unwanted dark areas on your face. A foundation nicely camouflages and make your skin healthy and fresh.So here i’m enlisting the best 8 full coverage foundations for oily aging skin;

1-Revlon Colorstay Liquid Foundation:

Those who know me, they can tell how big makeup freak Iam and Revlon has to be my favourite drugstore skincare/makeup product with little to no side effects. This colorstay liquid foundation is the right pick for acne-prone skin types as well as for oily skin or combination.It is the best full coverage foundation for oily aging skin.It is an oil-free foundation that camouflages a bad breakout,blemishes and acne scars.

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1.It is available in 40 plus shades that can match easily with any skin color.

2.It has high-quality, high-pigment and amazing texture.

3.It can last all day long with no crease.


1.Sensitive skin-types may consult their dermatologist.

2.If not removed properly,it may clog pores.

3.Though it gives good coverage but still it may show blemishes.

2-E.L.F Flawless Finish Foundation:

Most commonly used by makeup artists and best foundation for oily skin available on amazon.It is a product which has a  dual effect that it not only conceals dark circles or any breakouts or acne marks but it can also be used as a contour stick that is to reduce the face part which ‘you’ don’t like and makes it well contoured and blends in to the face.It doesn’t feel on the skin as it is very light weight and does not cause you a pocket. It is the best coverage foundation for mature skin and can be used on a daily basis.

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1.It is one of the best full coverage foundations for oily aging skin.

2.It can be used for all skin types leaving matte finish look.

3.It is 100 percent free from all kinds of parabens


1.It may not have a good smell.

2.It may get caky to a few.

3.Sensitive skin types should always consult their dermatologist.

3-Neutrogena Mineral Sheers Loose Powder Foundation:

It is the most hit foundation and widely used and accepted by many makeup artists. It is their favorite drugstore staple which can never run out of their makeup stock. It has many results like it gives a matte finish look and leaves no undereye dark circles and perfectly masks the acne scars or any breakouts.Neutrogena is one of the best makeup products we have today and its mineral sheers loose powder foundation is the best coverage foundation for oily skin.

Buy Now At Amazon For $ 10.27 : Neutrogena Sheer Minerals Foundation


1.It is the best foundation available at drugstore prices.

2.It is available in all shades.

3.It has matte finish on the skin


1.No such cons are available for this particular article

4-Maybelline New York Dream Cushion Fresh Face Liquid Foundation:

The Maybelline Newyork  products are a real staple to oomph your skincare/makeup routine.It is the best foundation for oily and mature skin. It has managed to launch some amazing makeup products at drugstore prices. This maybelline new york dream cushion  fresh face liquid foundation is suitable for all skin types and it is available in all skin shades. It blends easily with the skin leaving a smooth.healthy and matte look.

Buy Now At Amazon For $ 8.35 : Maybelline New York Dream Cushion Fresh Face Liquid Foundation


1.It is the best full coverage foundation for oily aging skin.

2.It is also one of the best foundations for mature skin over 40 so ladies above 40 you need not to worry for a good coverage foundation.

3.It has a wide variety of skin shades that blends seamlessly to your natural skin color leaving no fine lines.


1.Anyone with sensitive skin, must see their dermatologist at any time.

2.It dries quickly so it should be apply within.minutes,

3.If not blended properly it may leave cracks later on the skin.

5-Clinique Even Better Makeup Foundation (SPF 15- Dry Combination To Oily Skin):

If you are someone who is looking out  for a properly formulated foundation that provides hydrating and rejuvenating ingredients then Clinique is definitely a go to makeup product. Since it consists of water,peg10 dimethicone, citrus grandis etc  that not only aids but  restores and maintains the skin’s first line of defense. Most importantly, it is recommended by most dermatologists.Clinique is for all skin types, especially if you have an oily skin, you need not to look for any other product as it has no such adverse effects plus its non greasy , fragrance free and non irritating. 

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1.It is suitable for all skin types

2.It is non greasy 

3.It is non-irritating.


1.It is expensive.

2.Its availability may be an issue.

3.Always consult a dermatologist or do a skin patch test before use.

6-Bobby Brown Skin Long Wear Weightless Foundation :

Bobby brown, is one of the most trusted and recommended skin products by many  dermatologists. It has a lot of pros than having any cons. It is by far the most suitable product for oily skin that keeps your skin hydrated and plump and it reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles thus providing a full coverage glam. It  doesn’t feel on the skin, and nicely absorbs within the skin.

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1.It provides the best full coverage for mature skin above 40 or any age.

2.It is the best foundation for normal to oily skin type.

3.It lasts long with no cracks.


1.It is expensive.

2.Anyone with sensitive skin type,always do a skin patch test.

3.It should not be let open to air or else it will be dry and clogged.

7-Physicians Formula The Healthy Foundation With SPF 20:

Physician’s formula is a best friend to many. It is one product that has little to no side effects.Here is yet another amazing makeup product for all skin types.It has become the talk of the town and has shown amazing results. It is a  product known for its uniqueness that absorbs rapidly in the skin and has a prolonged  moisturizing effect to overcome the dryness and gives full glam look. It can also be used on daily purposes.

Buy Now At Amazon For $ 12.95 : Physician’s Formula The Healthy Foundation.


1.It has little to no side effects

2.It is suitable for all skin types

3.It does not feel on the skin,very lightweight.


There are no cons available for this article.

8-COVERGIRL-Clean Fresh Skin Milk Foundation:

Covergirl is yet another amazing amazon drugstore product for normal to oily skin type.In today’s world,where no-makeup is a hit-hit and doing wonders in the makeup industry, Covergirl have become makeup artists best friends. It has enormous benefits like it hydrates well into the skin without clogging pores. It is very light in weight. It is best for normal to oily skin and also a great option for the one’s dealing with acne or any sudden breakouts.

Buy Now At Amazon For $ 6.31 : Covergirl Clean Fresh Skin Milk Foundation


1.It is best for normal to combination skin

2.It is best for sudden breakouts or acne

3.It is light weight


There are no such cons available related to this article.

Quick Tip:

You can blend a foundation with your fingers or with a makeup brush or any beauty blender on any area of your face especially in the under eye area which is not sensitive to oils.It’s completely up to ‘you’ to decide whether you wear a concealer before the application of a foundation or afterwards but i would say it’s better to apply later after foundation. Why? because it helps to lighten up your under eye area and makes it more prominent. Always use a lighter shade of your concealer to pop out the under eye area and for a foundation to last long always mix it up with a serum to feel less greasy and to avoid fine lines and cracks.


In the end, i would say life is short so why not buy a nice and pro foundation ;). Having a good foundation on your makeup shelves will help you in reminding of how important your skin is. A good foundation means having a good,young,fresh,healthy,hydrated,free of any pigmentation and sad skin that brightens up your mood. Most importantly,investing in a good foundation means saying goodbye to your wrinkles and fine lines and can be used in any full glam coverage.So, i would say invest in a good skin foundation,it does not have to be pricey but any drugstore would do a good job.


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