Best Drugstore Nail Polish For Party Under Budget

10 Best Drugstore Nail Polish For Party Under Budget

Nail paints? Wahoo! Every girl’s favorite part of the manicure as they say ‘’woman is only helpless just when her nail polish is drying’’. Applying nail paint is not like any traditional nail art, it’s an art on a small canvas, it’s like the icing on a beauty cake so never ever mess with a girl who is applying nail paint.

Looking For Best Drugstore Nail Polish For Party?

Do you know,the only secret to your beautiful mani/pedicure is the selection of a correct nail polish.

Why? Because a good nail polish speaks louder than the words 😉

If you’re someone who is looking for the best drugstore nail polish for party that promises to give immense results without causing you a pocket,then Glamha’s list of best drugstore nail polishes is only for you.

1-ESSIE nail colors:

Essie’s range of nail colors is truly amazing and your go-to drugstore staple. It’s like a glow recipe to your manicure with a great formula.Its iconic and a trendsetter.

                   essie Nail Polish

Buy Now At Amazon for $8.95 : Essie nail color 


1.It dries quickly

2.It give a matte-smooth look 

3.It is free from formaldehyde has a streak-free application


1.if not applied properly it may show nail cracks.

What else you should know?

Since it’s free from all kinds of formaldehyde it gives a salon like manicure that suits every mood for every occasion.

2-Revlon nail enamel color:

If you’re one with compromised or chipped nails,Revlon’s nail enamel color ranges are your definitely go-to.If you like decorating your nails choose the best tools for nail art for professional outcome.

Revlon Nail Enamel

Buy now at Amazon for $3.77 : Revlon nail enamel 

PROS: gives a long lasting and never fading effect

2.With the application of two coats, gives an opaque appearance

3.Wide range of colors

4.Resistant to wear.


1.Cost effective

3-Wet n Wild megalast nail colors:

This elegant color is what you need in your parties just to rock your nails.This shade would look amazing even if you have short nails and don’t have enough nail growth.

wet n wild Megalast Nail Color

Buy Now At Amazon For $1.99 : Wet n wild 


1.It gives a salon like manicure

2.Quickly dries

3.Beautiful range of colors

4.On application leaves no streaks.

5. Best drugstore nail polish for party


1.If not applied with two coats, it may fade off.

4-ZOYA nail polishes:

Zoya is one of the most famous nail brands we have today. They have a huge range of beautiful colors which gives promising results. They are hot mani/pedicure favorites.It has a  unique formula which makes it different but two coats give a glossy look.

Zoya Polish Quad Nail Polish

Buy Now At Amazon For $15 : ZOYA nail polish


1.Best drugstore nail polish available at Amazon

2.Easy application

3.Unique formula that is free from formaldehyde and toluene

4.It has a long lasting effect


1.The only disadvantage is that you need to apply more than 2 coats to get an opaque look which may take a little longer to dry.

5-Maybelline Forever Super Strong nail color:

 Maybelline has an amazing range of subtle colors which can be worn at any occasion or to work. Maybelline is by far the most favorite drugstore staple available at amazon and is cost friendly with a great formula that stays and fades only with a nail remover.

Buy Now At Amazon For $10.99 : Maybelline superstay nail color


1.Long lasting 

2.It is easily available 

3.It is affordable doesn’t chip 


Though it stays for a good time, it may fade within a span  of 5 to 7 days.

6-O.P.I nail colors:

It’s a classic drugstore staple in the nail art world.O.P.I is another hot favorite mani/pedicure nail color laying on each and every shelf of a salon with a great range of nudes,bold,bright,matte,you name it and O.P.I has it.It gives amazing results such as with a single coat it gives a smooth look leaving no crease behind.Its a right nail color for any party/occasion.

Buy Now At Amazon For $13.00 : O.P.I nail color


1.It gives an opaque,matte and glossy finish

2.Easy to apply

3.Quickly dries

4.Stays longer


 1.It may be expensive

7-Orly nail color:

It’s a great nail color with a unique formula. To get a hollywood style of any bright color on your pretty little fingers,Orly is the right choice for any occasion. It gives a glossy look to your manicure.

Orly Baked Summer Nail Color Collection

Buy Now At Amazon For $9.66 : Orly nail color

PROS: gives a smooth look

2.It has a wide range of nudes,bold,deep and neon colors

3.It has a formula which consists of Vitamin A and E that protects your nails.


It may require two coats which may take a little longer for drying.

8-Sally Hansen Nail colors:

You can never go wrong with Sally hansen’s nail colors. It is true to its name. If you’re someone who can’t wait for a nail color to dry then Sally is the right choice. It has 3 in 1 formula that is with a base and top coat.its a color therapy that has argan oil that nourishes nails,each time you apply.

Sally Hansen Color Therapy Nail Polish

Buy Now At Amazon For $6.99 : Sally hansen


1.Easy to apply and remove

2.Long lasting 


1.It may get expensive.

9-Pacifica Nail paint

Pacifica nail colors are free from any kind of formaldehydes. They have vibrant ranges of color which gives impressive results.its a vegan nail color that goes for every occasion.

Pacifica Raspberry Beret 7 Free Nail Polish

Buy Now At Amazon For $9.00 : Pacifica 7 free


1.easy to apply

2.Matte and smooth look

3.Easy  to remove


1.Two coat application.

10-Sinful Colors

It’s another amazing drugstore nail color available at amazon that goes for every occasion.

It also has a wide range of nudes,deep,bold and neon.

It is cost friendly.

Buy Now At Amazon For $13.95 : Sinful colors


1.Easy to apply

2.It does not chip off

3.Long lasting


1.It may require 2 coats for an opaque finish.

Quick Tip:

 You must know that for a good nail application you need to apply a base coat and then a top coat to give a smooth and glossy look.


I hope the above mentioned nail colors would be a great help at picking the right nail color on amazing drugstore prices from amazon .You can pick these nail polishes for parties as well as you can use them at work for an elegant look.This wide collection under your budget can boost your confidence about your nails. We are done with our best drugstore nail polish for party collection. See you in the next blog

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