best anti-pollution face creams for dry skin

5 Best Anti-Pollution Face Creams For Dry Skin On Amazon

Pollution damages the skin barrier (protection system of skin) by disturbing the structure of collagen and lipid in it, worsening the effect of pollution on skin. Pollution causes the free radical raze to skin. Pollution can also cause detritions, Breakouts, Irritation, Inflammation, and rashes. When nano particles of the pollution enter the body, they start oxidation, which causes premature aging. These particles, when mixed with the skin cell and oil, cause clog pores. Smog affects skin the most. Scientists have researched that the women who live in the urban area have skin that is 10% older than those who live in the ruler area(of the same age). 

Looking For Best Anti-Pollution Face Creams For Dry Skin?

The following are some effects caused by air pollution to the skin:

  1.     Pores become large.
  2.     Breakdown of the skin barrier.
  3.     Black and brown spots form on the skin.
  4.     Black heads and white heads.
  5.     Dull skin.
  6.     Irritation on the skin.
  7.     Atopic dermatitis.
  8.     Skin cancer.

From the many devised ways to protect the skin from pollution, the best way is to use anti-pollution face creams. Dry skin is difficult to protect from the pollution because there is already less moisture on the skin. The following are some best anti-pollution face cream for dry skin. These creams will act as a protective shield to save skin from the outside environment. Following Are the best anti-pollution face creams for dry skin on amazon.

1-Mamaearth Anti-Pollution Daily Face Cream:

The formulation is specifically for hydration and daily skincare for tensed and pollution affected skin. Mamaearth has also proven a miracle for the people having dermatitis caused by pollution with the dry skin. It helps to get rid of the contact dermatitis. Due to pollution, impurities and rashes develop on the dry skins, especially during autumn and winter. These rashes develop into blotches and cause discomfort. Mamaearth moisturize the dry skin and help to immune skin’s natural barrier so the conditions, as mentioned above, can be prevented or treated. The cream helps to gain the lost glow of skin back; also, the skin looks fresher and moisturized.It is also a very good moisturizer to use in winters

The cream’s composition excludes Sulfates, Paraben, SLS, Petroleum, Artificial Preservatives, & Colors. This cream is enriched with turmeric which is best to treat inflammation, itching, and skins` redness. IT supports the weak cell of the skin barrier and also helps to amend its function. The rich, organic, moisturizing, and clement formulation makes this cream the best choice for an anti-pollution face cream for dry skin.

                                            Mamaearth Anti-Pollution Daily Face Cream

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2. Decleor Hydra Anti-pollution:

This product provides continuous hydration to the skin. The product helps in gaining the glowing skin back by reducing the effect of pollution on the skin. The product also acts as an anti-inflammatory agent that reduces the inflammation redness swelling caused by environmental factors. The cream also helps to exfoliate the skin to remove the dead cells. Decléor Anti-Pollution Cream has also proven exceptional anti-pollution face cream for dry skin.

The product’s main ingredients include the Ethylhexyl Hydroxystearate, Persea Gratissima, Sorbitol Esters Oil, Rosa Rubiginosa Seed Oil,  Ethylhexyl Hydroxystearate it protects the harsh outside environment. Persea Gratissima Oil prevents water loss and maintains the moisture of the skin. It also has the high content of the vitamin A and C that helps maintain moisture and glow of the skin. Sorbitol Esters act as an emulsifying agent. Rosa Rubiginosa Seed Oil is a bio-active ingredient. It can restore and regenerate the tissues; also, it helps to decrease the wrinkles. Rosa Rubiginosa Seed Oil also helps minimize the pore size to normal and treat the acne and reduce it.This is one of the best anti-pollution face creams for dry skin.

Decleor Hydra Floral Anti-pollution Hydrating

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3.Naturally Serious – Skin Warrior Natural Anti-Pollution Cream:

This anti-pollution face cream for dry skin provides protection against urban pollution and protection against high screen UVA and UVB. It can be used as a day cream that moisturizes the skin and neck and makes them smoother and more smooth. The cream claims to have a triple-action formula that protects against the pollution and a good hydrating agent and has a powerful anti-aging formula. Skin starts to look more glowing and smoother after the first application. It also improves skin elasticity and maintains the natural skin barrier.

Ingredients of the cream include Aqua, Seed Oil, Hyaluronic acid,Glycerin, and Butter. Hyaluronic acid binds with the water present in the body to retain the moisture. Hyaluronic acid makes the skin look healthier and supple. Hyaluronic acid hydrates the body and decreases the occurrence of lines and wrinkles on the skin. Butter present in the product helps to strengthen the skin’s protective system. It also has anti-inflammatory properties to treat the inflammation or redness caused by pollution. Coconut boil maintains the skin elasticity by producing collagen. Dark sports that occurred on the skin due to overexposure to the outside environment can be treated using this cream.

                    Naturally Serious - Skin Warrior Natural Anti-Pollution Repair Cream

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4.SKIN REGIMEN Anti-pollution Face Cream:

SKIN REGIMEN is a cleansing cream specifically for anti-pollution. Product claims to provide hydrated, soft, and smooth skin for 48 hours. This provides a shield against pollution. It makes skin so soft that there are no more dry pates.Skin regimen cleansing cream reduces the irritation caused by the pollution particle on the skin, and the discomfort of itching skin remains fresh for the whole day. The cream helps fight against the sign of premature gain caused by oxidative stress and skin exposure to pollution. After the overnight application, the skin will look more radiant and velvety as if renewed.

SKIN REGIMEN Anti-pollution Face Cleansing Cream

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Important ingredients of the cream include Glycerin, Seed Oil, Betaine,Stearic Acid and many others. Glycerin reduces the deterioration rate of the skin. Fatty acid present in the seed oil has an excellent moisturizer. Seed Oil has the highest content of the palmitic acid of about 16-23%, and Wood Oil(Rosewood) is a vital agent to delay the sign of premature aging. It also helps in repairing the natural skin barrier also has anti-inflammatory action. Glycerin helps retain the lost moisture and acts as an emulsifying and stabilizing agent in the cream. Pollution also causes different types of acne on the skin Stearic Acid helps to fight against the acne.


5. Paula’s Choice Anti-Pollution Cleanser

The brand has specifically used the “anti-pollution protection” for the product. The cleanser helps to maintain the collagen and elastic fiber of the skin barrier that protects against the pollution, acts as a strong detoxifying agent, and hydrates the skin that maintains its calming effect. This cream has proven as the best moisturizing, anti-aging, and best anti-pollution cream for the dry skin. This cleanser helps to get smoother, radiant, and youthful skin back. Using this cleanser will restore the skin’s elasticity and help reduce wrinkles fine lines.

Paula's Choice Anti-Pollution Cleanser

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The most important ingredients of the product include the Shea butter, sunflower extracts, aloe Vera extract, Horse chestnuts, Vitamin C, Vitamin B7, Vitamin H, and Vitamin E. OrganicShea butter has the crucial fatty acids and vitamins Shea butter has proven as the best anti-aging protecting and moisturizing agent in the world it also lightens the skin. Extra virgin olive oil has a high vitamin E content that helps in the treatment of many skin diseases; it is also the best moisturizer containing the anti-aging properties. Horse chestnut has anti-inflammatory, anti-edema, and antioxidant properties that amend the harm caused by pollution. It can also soothe the varicose vein. Sunflower present in the cream strengthens the skin barrier and also makes skin smooth and soft. Aloe Veragel also has an anti-inflammatory agent and ri