Benefits of high intensity interval training

Freelancer should know benefits of high intensity interval training

Are you a freelancer or working from home and your job is to sit and work in front of a laptop? And of course you cannot get enough time to work out. I know how it feels when your back, neck and shoulder hurt at the same time and you cannot enjoy your work and do the best with your creativity! Even if you are not a freelancer or work in front of the laptop, exercise is still what you need and your face also needs some exercise.

Work out is not only necessary for your body but it is extremely important for your mental health and if you are working with the laptop all the time your brain is strained and it needs a lot of relaxation. We feel lazy even if we want to plan a walk for an hour because we think we have to prepare for it. Also a thought comes into the mind that if you do less walking than an hour it will not be as beneficial as it should be. Here is some good news:

These Benefits of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) can lift you up and make you energetic with a workout that takes less time and more energy with recovery intervals.

What is High-Intensity interval training?

High intensity interval training is short period workout with recovery intervals.Examples of high intensity interval training: You have to run for one minute with all of your energy and good speed then you have to slow yourself down and just walk for 2 minutes so these two minutes can be your recovery interval. In the same way you have to repeat this for 10 minutes or 20 minutes or 30 minutes.  Mostly HIIT is done between 10 minutes to 30 minutes.

Sprinting, biking or swimming can be the best choice!

Benefits of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

High-Intensity interval training is trending in Europe because it can be done at any time and it is best recommended for a busy schedule. HIIT is giving excellent results. Many freelancers are taking advantage of HIIT and find them more active and energetic while working from home. Here are amazing and promising benefits of high intensity interval training.

  1. Burn calories every minute

High Intensity Interval Training helps to burn calories; it is because when the person performs 10 to 20 minutes of high intensity they sweat a lot that helps to reduce excessive fat. Approximately 10 to 12 calories could be burn in a minute. This could be possible if a person give at least 20 minutes. According to the research by health care practitioners HIIT helps to burn 20-30% more calories than other techniques.

HIIT in order to burn calories should be performed by the set of repetition. Other forms such as green tea, keto diet would work properly if HITT protocols should be followed. Health care professionals such as physiotherapists can provide better guidelines for HIIT and if someone wants to lose their weight this program would definitely suit them without wasting money and time.

  1. Improves Heart Rate and Blood Pressure

People usually interpret that exercise increases heart rate and might be dangerous for the heart patient but exercise for the heart patients should be organized. There are several freelancers who work at home due to their issues of fatigue early. Moreover exercising more than 1 hr or by going to the gym would be a great option but for freelancers it is difficult to manage for a long time as they are used to working by sitting for hours in front of the computer. In that case, HIIT is the best for the people who work at home.

It just requires 20 minutes and the repetition will ultimately improve blood pressure and heart rate. The more blood pressure improves; it will help to work more efficiently and productively. For heart patients it would be better to maintain a schedule for high intensity interval training to avoid uncertainty.

  1. High intensity interval training at home or outdoor

Usually people think that heavy equipment such as weight lifters, treadmill and other equipment are necessary to lose weight or to improve muscle mass. But the best way to exercise is performing it naturally. For example: running or jogging not only reduces excessive fat and improves lower limb and blood circulation.

Swimming makes the upper limb strong. Even home equipment could in performing HIIT such as if you have a rope at home, you can skip and hop that would help to perform HITT and should be organized with repetitions and intervals too. Most importantly, it is necessary to intake fluid in intervals to avoid dehydration.

Equipment makes the body used to and might damage the tissues, it is not suitable for every person to judge the weight that they could bear. Therefore swimming, cycling, running, jogging and similar techniques would be useful to improve body mass.

There are 1000s of hiit at home videos on youtube. You can simply follow them and enjoy hiit at your home

  1. Enhance Metabolism

Metabolism refers to the entire body process that helps to change what you eat into the chemical that you want for body functioning. High Intensity Interval Training helps to improve metabolism as well, freelancers usually spend their time sitting on a chair and may lead to an increase in appetite.

While working freelancers usually prefer snacks to get energy. In that case, they usually involve issues such as increase in weight, constipation or diarrhea. That is because your body doesn’t make chemicals that break down those starch and convert into fats and cholesterol that ultimately create a negative impact on blood pressure and increase weight.

These 20 minutes HIIT would be the best technique for such workers to improve their metabolism. Moreover, it will manage the appetite too. HIIT improves metabolism by breaking the components and excessive fats to improve the body mass.

  1. Improves Brain function

Exercise is the best way to relieve stress, usually people prefer meditation; yoga etc to relax their mind but for the youngsters who work all the time sitting on a chair needs to relieve stress and improve their body mass too. The more you look good, the more you get confidence to look good and obtain a healthy lifestyle.

Such lifestyle creates a positive impact on work as well, when a person looks good; feel fresh they would be able to work efficiently. Moreover, HIIT relaxes the mind because the exercise techniques such as cycling, swimming provide pleasure and charm, not pressure. It depends on the person how to make it more interesting and invest their 20 to 30 minutes relaxing their mind.

  1. Gain Muscle mass and strength

Skinny people want to gain body mass in order to look good. Usually people who works remotely doesn’t have a good routine and sitting too much doesn’t always means that they could put on weight but sometimes unusual sleeping habits and eating couldn’t create a well body mass. People usually look overweight or too skinny.

high-intensity interval training for beginners is the best technique for them to improve their muscle mass. Moreover, with muscle mass they could gain muscle strength too.

We had observe so many muscular people who might have mass but are not strong that’s because they do not follow proper exercise techniques but HIIT will surely improves strength too that helps to improve healthy lifestyle . Being muscular isn’t necessary but having muscle strength is necessary.

The cuts and shape you ever notice is because of equipments ,with age it will be transformed into fat but if people follows HIIT they could get organized body shape and surely look more smart then gym freaks.

  1. A challenging technique

When there are several benefits of HIIT, few challenges are also waiting for the people as well. If you think these 30 minutes HIIT will provide you better health it could be a great challenge as well. When observing new techniques that enhance the mass and strength it may increase the pain and stiffness too.

For example in swimming, where people achieve body mass, strong upper limbs, they have to bear pain initially as well. It is because their body isn’t used to the exercise they are performing but remember “No Pain No Gain”. Be consistent with what you’re performing and try to improve your workout schedule to look fit and healthy.

Most importantly, if you skip HIIT it will create loss of muscle strength and skills as well. Therefore, if you once started HIIT protocols try to maintain it and at least make time for regular jogging and walking to 30 minutes. Try to implement HIIT techniques by performing different exercises for different body parts too, this will help to maintain a perfect body shape.

  1. Improves Oxygen Consumption

Oxygen consumption is the most important component for the people. That doesn’t mean that we breathe and getting enough oxygen but sometimes due to obstruction of airways or obstruction in blood circulation might create challenges for oxygen consumption.

Especially for the people with acute asthma, doctors prescribed them to perform Excess post-exercise oxygen consumption such as jogging and even swimming too. Due to lack of oxygen consumption people experience difficulty in sleeping as well, such conditions could leads to insomnia and related sleeping disorders.

Therefore HIIT is highly recommended for the patients who have symptoms of asthma and have deficiency of hemoglobin too.  For such patients HIIT protocols should be followed with gradually increase in intensity and repetition, excessive or frequent increase could leads too health issues too.

  1. Best for Diabetic Patients

Diabetic patients have several issues regarding body mass, blood pressure and anxiety disorders too. It is difficult for diabetic patients to control all these symptoms to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Usually, people think that only control on sugar and fats could maintain proper blood sugar level but this is totally wrong.

To improve the lifestyle of diabetic patients it is necessary for them to implement exercise too. As they do not have much tendency to exercise like other healthy people but they should follow organized techniques to control all the symptoms. HIIT protocol is designed for such patients who cannot perform exercises with equipment.

High intensity doesn’t mean that it will make them tired but the intensity increases gradually so their body gets used to it. This technique helps the diabetic patients to improve the metabolism and ultimately they can control their BP and sugar levels too. HIIT had made possible for diabetic patients to improve their muscle mass and strength without investing a lot of time and money in gyms and trainers.


  1. Reduce Aging Signs and Live Longer

People get old by their activities and will to perform activities. Usually people who do not invest their time in productive exercises or activities lead to aging signs and involve in different health issues such as fluctuation in Blood Pressure, Joint issues and reduction in muscle strength. Exercise keeps healthy and reduces aging.

It all matters by the healthy heart, if people implement exercise and productive activities they could beat the challenges in old age as well. There are several athletes who reached the age of above 60s but still they could perform several activities. That is because they give priority to health. HIIT techniques are simple and easy to maintain to improve aging difficulties and maintain a healthy lifestyle too.


So these are some top high intensity interval training benefits.These benefits can be availed by everyone.

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