8 Best Night Creams For Oily Skin Under $20

8 Best Night Creams For Oily Skin Under $20

Have you ever wondered or given a thought about that why is the word beauty in ‘beauty sleep’ for, no? It just so happens when you lay down after completing all your daily tasks such as house cleaning, kitchen chores, gardening or after having the most hectic/chaotic day at work just to go to the la-la land of yours every night, it is ‘Your’ skin that is gearing up to regenerate & repair itself. 

Skin is the largest organ in your body and your very first line of defense against dirt and bacteria and also it is YOUR skin that shows the very first signs of stress, depression, bad lifestyle, dehydration, and whatnot?

Award Your face:

So it is time that you give YOUR skin the best skincare ever and why not give a start with the use of a good moisturizer as skin does most of its repairing and reinstitute while you sleep.

In a recent article, a well-known dermatologist says that night time is the best reparative time for your skin so why not give an extra oomph to your skin and she also further states that nighttime moisturizers provide intense hydration and a soothing effect on your skin than daytime moisturizers.

Also, We live in a country where there is, unfortunately, pollution and dirt that makes our lives especially OUR skin miserable, unhealthy, and a pool of dirt. Instead of feeling sorry for yourself why not give a start.

Best Night Cream For Oily Skin Under Budget:

So here I am enlisting 8 best night creams for oily skin type that can be used at night time:

1.Cera Ve

If you are someone who is looking out  for a properly formulated night moisturizer  that provides hydrating and rejuvenating ingredients then CeraVe is definitely a go to drugstore  product. Since it consists of ceramides that not only aids restores  and maintains the skin’s first line of defense  but it also has Niacinamide which helps improve the appearance of the skin and Hyaluronic acid that retains the skin moisture. Most importantly, it is recommended by most of the dermatologists.

Cerave is for all skin types especially if you have an oily skin, you need not to look for any other product as it has no such adverse effects plus its non greasy , fragrance free and non irritating. 

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A dermatologist named Debra jaliman says that CeraVe is an excellent moisturizer for cold weather where u start losing more of your skin moisture and dryness becomes more  evident.


  1. Suitable for all skin types
  2. Non greasy 
  3. Fragrance free 
  4. Non irritating

2.Neutrogena rapid wrinkle moisturizer

Neutrogena is one of the most trusted and recommended skin products by many  dermatologists. It has a lot of pros than having any cons. It is by far the most suitable product for oily skin as it contains hyaluronic acid that keeps your skin hydrated and plump and  also has retinol that reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It  doesn’t feel on the skin, and nicely absorbs within the skin.

It is by far the best anti aging night cream specifically for oily skin and easily available at amazon. Try This in this winter

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  1. Dermatologist’s favorite for all skin types specifically for oil skin
  2. Anti aging 
  3. Anti wrinkles 
  4. Diminishes or reduces fine lines

3.Neutrogena Hydro boost gel cream

Neutrogena is a best friend to many and one of the Best Night Creams For Oily Skin. It is one product that has little to no side effects.Here is yet another amazing product for all skin types. This hydro boost gel cream has become the talk of the town and has shown amazing results. It is a  product known for its uniqueness which is a water  gel cream formula that absorbs rapidly in the skin and has a prolonged  moisturizing effect of a cream to overcome the dryness.

A Dermatologist says, “  this neutrogena’s hydro boost gel moisturizer has a cool on contact effect on skin  and as it contains hyaluronic acid which provides extra moisturization and hydration.”

It is easily available and known for oily/dry skin.

Neutrogena Hydro Gl-cream For oily Skin

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  1. Little to no side effects
  2. All skin types
  3. Light weight 
  4. Non greasy 

4.Eucerin mild no redness night cream 

In the list of Best Night Creams For Oily Skin Eucerin is another amazing skin product that targets dark acne spots and blemishes.

It is best known for reducing redness for sensitive and redness prone skin at night.

It is one night cream that is recommended by many for lightening the acne spots and it is dermatologist tested so its a safe product and you can go for sensitive skin.

Eucerin mild no redness night cream 

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  1. Targets mainly acne spots 
  2. Diminishes redness 
  3. Easily available 
  4. Safe to use

5.Body shop’s seaweed oil control gel cream

Having said that, Body shop ‘s skin care line is truly amazing. It is accepted by many and has shown tremendous results overnight.  When it comes to any skin type body shop’s skin care range is your only solution which is easily available with little to no side effects. I personally am a biggie body shop fan. Since I have an oily skin, this body shop’s seaweed oil control gel cream has done wonders on me. It is a product that not only hydrates but also is  lightweight. It   helps to maintain  oil and  excess sebum coming from your  skin  giving it  a matte, shiny and soft skin for next 24 hours.

Body shop’s seaweed oil control gel cream

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  1. Normal to combination skin
  2. It’s a go to product for oil skin particularly 
  3. Balance oil and sebum 
  4. Light weight 

6. No7  beautiful skin cream

If you’re someone who is looking for shea butter, glycerin and ceramides at a low price, all in one night cream then No7 is your only  solution. It’s a great hydrating moisturizer for normal to dry skin.

No7  beautiful skin cream

Buy Now At Amazon For $18.99 : No7  beautiful skin cream


  1. Easily available
  2. Cost friendly 
  3. Normal to dry skin

7.Burt’s Intense One Of the Best Night Cream For Oily Skin

If you’re one who wants a night cream that is naturally made with no  ingredients such as parabens, phthalates and petrolatum, Burt’s bees is your option! It’s a moisturizer that not only hydrates and restores your dead skin but also is an anti aging, anti wrinkle and naturally formulated night cream.

Burt's bees intense  hydration  night cream 

Buy Now At Amazon For $10.35 : Burt’s bees intense  hydration  night cream 


  1. Anti aging
  2. Anti wrinkle
  3. Non greasy
  4. Naturally formulated cream 

8.Cetaphil Rich hydrating night cream 

Cetaphil is yet another amazing amazon drugstore product for normal to oily skin.

In today’s world, cetaphils and ceramides are doing wonders in skin care and have become dermatologists best friends. 

Cetaphil has enormous benefits like it hydrates skin without clogging pores & is made with Hyaluronic Acid which is  an effective moisturizing agent and an important  component of skin which gives amazing soothing effect and also known for its lightweightness.

Best for normal to oily skin and also a great option for the one’s dealing with acne or any sudden breakouts.

Cetaphil Rich hydrating night cream

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  1. Normal to combination skin
  2. Best for sudden breakouts or acne
  3. Light weight


 I would end my blog by giving a few tips. Firstly, it is important that before you use any skincare product always  do a ‘skin patch test’. Why? because it is always important to know to which ingredient you are allergic to or sensitive too and also it is better that you have yourself checked by a dermatologist and used accordingly. Secondly, ALWAYS look for the expiry date. Why? Because the involved ingredients have their shelf life, if they have crossed the expiry date, they may cause redness or irritation, if it does stop using it immediately and go visit your dermatologist. And lastly, nighttime skincare is the best of all times as skin regenerates and repairs better when you sleep also it is one time when you can relax and feel at ease.

Help your skin reduce greasiness with the best facial kits for oily skin which you can use at home.

In nutshell, for young, fresh, pore-free, and amazingly amazing skin, make a habit of nighttime skincare.  


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