5 Best Concealers For Acne Under $15

5 Best Concealers For Acne Under $15

As they say,’put on a concealer to all your problems’ or ‘not getting enough sleep,mask your dark circles with an under eye concealer’. Having a good concealer is like meeting your ‘superhero’ that saves the day by fixing all your worries and covering up any mistakes.

Finding a good under eye concealer that checks all your priorities on the list is very difficult especially when you don’t know your skin-type. 

Looking For Best Concealers For Acne?

It becomes impossible to find a good under eye concealer specifically for Acne-prone skin types. Those dealing with Acne-prone skin must know ‘Which concealer will suit them?, What kind of a concealer should they look for? How to apply?Such questions erupt a volcano in the minds of those dealing with acne.

But remember the case is different with mature skin because If you have mature skin you have to choose suitable foundation for aging skin.

For acne-prone skin type, avoid using heavy oil-based concealers that are more likely to clog pores and also may trigger pimples.For them concealers labelled as ‘non comedogenic’ is the type.

So here i am enlisting 5 best concealers for acneprone skin types:

1-Neutrogena Hydro boost hydrating concealer:

Those who know me, they can tell  how big makeup freak Iam and neutrogena is my favourite drugstore skincare/makeup product with little to no side effects. 

This hydro boost hydrating concealer is the right pick for acne-prone skin types as it conceals acne completely.It is an oil-free concealer that camouflages a bad breakout,blemishes and acne scars.

concealer for acne

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What makes it so special?

It blends easily into  the skin,leaving a matte and smooth appearance. It’s a win-win as it lets your skin breathe.


1.It consists of hyaluronic acid which is known for providing amazing hydration to the skin.

2.Suitable for all skin types specifically for Acne-prone.

3.Oil-free so it doesn’t give a greasy feel


5.its the best acne-concealer available on Amazon.


1.Sensitive skin-types may consult their dermatologist.

2.Sightly Expensive

3.It can not be used for eye area

2-Maybelline Newyork Superstay 24-hour concealer:

Maybelline, a favourite drugstore staple available.One of the best concealers for acne It masks acne scars perfectly, leaving a flawless skin for 24hours.It is also known for providing medium to full coverage.

Maybelline New York Superstay Better Skin Concealer

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What makes it so special?

It consists of an antioxidant which clog pores and limits the entry of irritants into the skin.

It really makes you feel ‘your’ own skin.


1.Its easy to apply for acne prone skin 

2.It conceals acne completely leaving no mark.

3.It gives 100% hydration


1.Sensitive skin should consult their dermatologist

2.It can only stay for 4 to 6 hours

3.If not removed properly,it may clog pore

3-Physician’s Formula Natural Defense Total coverage:

It’s the best acne concealer available on Amazon. It’s the most favourite drugstore staple for many known makeup artists. It camouflages any sort of hyperpigmentation,breakouts or any acne scar.

Physicians Formula Natural Defense Total Coverage Concealer

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What makes it so different from others?

It has SPF 30 which provides protection from the unfortunate rays or effects in those areas of your face which is already battling from blemishes or discoloration.


1.Gives medium to heavy coverage

2.Protects from Ultraviolet rays


4.Suitable for all skin types




1.Anyone with sensitive skin should see their dermatalogist.

2.Though it gives good coverage but still it may show blemishes.

3.It may clog pores if not removed adequately

4-E.lF Professional ( Can’t stop, Wont stop) concealer:

Most commonly used by makeup artists and easily available on amazon.

It is a product which has a  dual effect that it not only conceals dark circles or any breakouts or acne marks but it can also be used as a contour stick that is to reduce the face part which ‘you’ don’t like and makes it well contoured and blends in to the face.

elf concealer for acne

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1.It is available in all shades.

2.It can be used as a contour and a concealer

3.It has matte finish on the skin

4.Is is cost friendly


1.It is not suitable for dry skin as it may leave creases and makes your skin more flaky and dry.

2.It may clog pores

3.Sensitive skin – consult your dermatologist

5-Maybelline Instant Age Rewind concealer:

It is the most hit concealer and widely used and accepted by many makeup artists. 

It is their favorite drugstore staple which can never run out of their makeup stock. 

It has many results like it gives a matte finish look and leaves no undereye dark circles and perfectly masks the acne scars or any breakouts. 

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles Treatment Multi-Use Concealer

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What makes it so special?

It’s an anti-aging concealer so say bye-bye to your fine lines,dark circles and scars.


1.Its easy to apply as it comes in a stick form

2.Easy to grip

3.Easy to carry

4.Cameoflages perfectly.


1.Anyone with sensitive skin, must see their dermatologist at any time.

2.It dries quickly

3.It may be expensive

Quick Tip:

You can blend a concealer with your fingers on any area of your face especially in the under eye area which is not sensitive to oils.

It’s completely up to YOU to decide whether you wear a concealer before the application of a foundation or afterwards but i would say it’s better to apply later after foundation. Why? Because it helps to lighten up your under eye area and makes it more prominent. 

Always use a lighter shade of your concealer to pop out the under eye area.

And never wear a concealer to your bed because if you are one with acne, you MUST not because it would end up clogging your pores.


In the end, it is very important to remember if you have sensitive or  acne prone skin, you must see a dermatologist first and use a concealer accordingly. Concealer is one makeup product that everyone is typical about so it is important that you go for the right pick according to your skin type. If you have any crease or makes your skin flaky and dry, stop immediately and look out for an oil-free non-comedogenic concealer.

Lastly,blend all your worries with a concealer 😉


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