3 Best Moisturizers For Oily Skin In Winter

3 Best Moisturizers For Oily Skin In Winter

We believe everyone’s skin is dry in winter But no some people have oily skin even in winter. If you are the one then read this blog thoroughly because we are going to learn how to tackle oily skin with best moisturizers in Winter. Moisture starts evaporating in winter which is the reason you need moisture. So we need products to bring back moisture in our skin .

3 Best Moisturizers For Oily Skin In Winter:

3 best moisturizers for oily skin in winter i am about to discuss in this blog are used by many women who has very oily and acne prone  skin So it is for sure that these are going to work for you as well and it has no harmful side effects and it will not let your skin damage during the winter.

Cosrx propolis light cream review:

The first Product I am going to reveal is Cosrx propolis light cream The texture of this cream  may look heavy to you but believe me it will keep your skin moisturized for a long time and once it is observed in your skin it will make it super smooth and you are going to love your skin because this product has 67 Percentage of of propolis which helps your skin stay hydrated from within. Propolis is basically the main ingredient, actually it is the best ingredient to keep your skin hydrated. This product doesn’t have any essential oils Which is the reason it is 100% fragrance-free. Must try this best moisturizer for oily skin in winter

Cosrx propolis light cream review

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Mugwort Cream Review:

Mugwort cream is more like a gel which makes it perfect for winter season.If you want to calm your skin and reduce the redness on your face this cream will help achieve it. If you are someone who wants even tone skin this cream is highly recommended for you to use it in winter.The screen has mild fragrance which will fade away right after you apply it on the face.

Mugwort cream review

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The cream is specially made for people with acne prone skin.But good thing about this product is that people with skin problems like sensitivity and redness irritation extreme dryness can use this product as well so it is a kind of product that it can resolve many skin problems. This is highly filled with vitamins and minerals that will help you restore the youthfulness on your face. The benefit of this cream is that you can also use it on your face to protect your skin from itchiness and dryness and other infections. Also this is a branded product so you do not need to worry when spending here money on it.This product is highly recommended for the oily skin people in this winter season.

Have A Good Cream Review:

Jumiso “have a good cream” Is really best if you want to  hydrate, repair or moisturizer your skin.You can also use this cream in summer. I know as an oily skin person you do not need it during summer but if you feel the need of hydration into your skin you can use it anyway. The cream will help you get rid of pigmentation and blemishes.This cream is also good for all type of skin problems. The right way to apply is mentioned in the packaging.Once you will use this cream you will love it because it is very light and easy to melt into your skin. Some moisturizers might feel heavy on your face but this product is very light and non greasy and easy to carry with your sunscreen during winter.  

Have A Good Cream review

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Moisturizer is necessary in winter but a good skincare routine especially for oily skin is something that you shouldn’t skip. Here are some tips for oily skin in winters.

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Best Skin Care Routine For Oily Skin In Winter:

Although  oily skin is good during winter but did you know the whole face doesn’t stay hydrated during winter for example some women have  oily T section  and others have oily V section of the face.Oily skin still needs hydration to stay fresh during winter.

Avoid Hot Showers:

We love hot showers during cold weather.Hot showers are really conforming in winter. But hot water dehydrates the skin and it also makes your skin look dull. Use lukewarm water instead, It will clean all the and will also look and feel good. 

Pick The Best moisturizers For Oily Skin In Winter:Remove term: 

There is a misconception that oily skin doesn’t need a moisturizer. This is absolutely wrong.if you have oily or acne prone skin. You may pick jel based moisture. It will keep your skin soft and supple without any greasiness.All four moisturizes works good for oily skin in winter season they are all korean products.

Pat It On Your Skin And Follow Up A Sun Screen:

You can not neglect sunscreen just because it is winter. UV rays damage your skin because UV rays can reach you even through the clouds whether you choose to stay indoors or go out, applying sunscreen is a must. 

Deep Cleanse Your Face:

Biggest problem for oily skin is pimple or acne generally caused by open or enlarged pores. 

When your pores are open they release more oil and attract dirt when dirt enters your pores they clog your pores and cause acne or pimples. 

That’s why using a deep cleansing face wash with toner is non-negotiable. 

Also rubbing an ice cube may help minimize enlarged pores. 

Integrate A Night Cream:

If you have oily skin then you have to use oil control night cream. Not only it reduces oil secretion it also hydrates your skin and shrink pore .Must use night cream because that’s the only way you are going to wake up with beautiful and supple skin.. 

Protect Your Lips:

Your lips are ignored in your skincare especially in winter lips that’s why no matter if you have oily skin or dry skin.Protect your lips anyway. Your lips need love and care so use this lip balm. It makes your lips pink naturally and also nourishes your lips. 

Hydrate Your Skin:

Not only your face but the whole body needs hydration during winter.Hydrated skin is healthy skin so don’t skip water just because it is winter. Drink as much water as you can because it is the way your skin is going to flush out the toxins and bacterias through pores.

This is the complete package I have discussed with you in this blog. Choose the best moisturizer for  oily skin in winter and go with the proper skincare routine to keep your skin healthy. all skin types need love and care.You do not need to do this is skin care routine every single day but you can skip it and do it every alternate day or maybe twice a week but don’t skip for a month and expect unusual results.


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