6 Best Moisturizers For Oily Skin In Winter For Soft Skin

Winter is not just a season but it’s a month of celebration,happiness,festivities and joy but no winter lasts forever and no springs skip its turn similarly a person with oily skin type in winters has no scapegoat.Oily and even acne prone skin type needs a touch of moisturization and hydration in dry and rough cold weather.As moisturization eradicates many of the skin problems.So remember moisturizing your face,hands and feet everyday can help reduce the chances of developing extreme dryness or oiliness. Having extreme both dryness or oiliness are harmful to the skin as it may cause acne,the most common skin condition.

Looking For Best Moisturizers For Oily Skin ?

Remember, daily moisturizing ensures that the skin blemishes or scarring is nicely camouflaged or concealed.Winter is everyone’s favorite season of the year from bringing out the old stack of winter clothes, from boots to high-knee boots,from stockings to leggings and from knits to mittens, everything about winters is a pure bliss and an absolute magic similarly keeping the skin barrier intact in winters may become one hell of a task specifically if you are someone with oily skin type but anyway no worries,including a good moisturizer in your skin care products is a pure blessing.As they say ‘winter is the time of comfort,for good food and warmth.Picking a right moisturizer may be difficult so here I Am enlisting the three best moisturizers for oily skin in winters,

1-Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel Moisturizer:

This 1.7 ounce water based gel hydro boost neutrogena moisturizer is one of the best oily skin moisturizers for winters. What is so special about this product ? It has hyaluronic acid which is an all star ingredient for providing hydration and it is so light in weight that it can hold up 1000 times its weight in water.This is what makes neutrogena’s hydro boost water gel moisturizer Hyaluronic acid packed best moisturizer for oily skin types in winter.Moreover, It does not clog the already congested pores but pulls the skin so lightly that it does not make your skin feel heavy.It is one of the most recommended moisturizers  by many dermatologists as a best skin care routine for oily skin in winters.It is pocket friendly and it comes in a cute little package.It leaves your skin soft,smooth and supple the entire day.

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1.It is non-comedogenic,oil free and dye free moisturizer.

2.It is available at drugstore prices on amazon.

3.It has a long lasting effect


There are no possible cons related to this article.

2-Cetaphil Pro Oil Absorbing Moisturizer With SPF 30 Broad Spectrum Sunscreen:

Cetaphil is one of the best moisturizers for oily skin types in winter and it is among the favorite skincare drugstore which has shown amazing results. What is so special about this moisturizer? It is known for its four (4) in one (1) formula that not only controls sebum production but it also hydrates your dry and rough skin.Amazingly,it also has a broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection. This 4 ounce bottle is enough for a month and comes in a cute little packaging. It is made up from micropearl technology that gives a smooth and matte finish look that absorbs super fast and quick and does not feel heavy on the skin,making it among those lightweight moisturizers.It doesn’t feel sticky and greasy on your skin.It is formulated in such a way that it is free from all kinds of paraben that does not causes irritation and clog pores.It is highly recommended by dermatologist for acne prone skin types and it has no significant fragrance.

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1.It protects against sun’s harmful rays UV damage.

2.It soothes dry skin and reduces shine while moisturizing your skin.

3.It hydrates skin for a long time


1.Avoid contact from eyes 

2.Anyone having sensitive skin should use it with extra care.

3.It may cause skin burns if  anywhere near your eyes.

3-L’oréal Paris Collagen Moisture Filler / Combleur Hydrant :

Loreal paris is one of the most popular brands having a wide range of products, be it skin care,hair product or any beauty care items,you just name it and l’oreal has it.This is the best oily skin moisturizer for winters leaving a soft and silky skin. What is so special about this product ? It has collagen. What does collagen do ? it is the most important protein present in your body that is in abundance and is the major component of connective tissues that makes up many different part of your body such as tendons,ligaments,muscles and most importantly skin which is the largest organ of body that gives your skin a smooth texture and strengthen the skin by maintaining its elasticity.It is a day and night cream but for best results use it overnight for about 4 weeks to get smoother and wrinkle free skin.

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Pros :

1.It is an anti-aging cream leaving no lines on your face.

2.It is the best moisturizer for oily skin in winters as it has SPF that smooths your skin and replenishes leaving no dry skin behind. 

3.It gives a natural,fresh and a younger skin.


1. Donot ever use it near the eyes.

2.If any rash or irritation occurs,stop using immediately.

3.Keep it out of reach from children.

4-Belif ( belief in truth – The True Cream):

Belief is one of the most trusted and recommended skin products by many dermatologists. It has a lot of pros than having any cons. It is by far the most suitable product for oily skin as it contains hyaluronic acid that keeps your skin hydrated and plump and  also has retinol that reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It  doesn’t feel on the skin, and nicely absorbs within the skin.It is by far the best anti aging night cream specifically for oily skin and easily available at amazon. It neutralizes skin damaging free radicals and improves skin elasticity.

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1.It minimizes the appearances of pores

2.It is ultra light weight.

3.It is oil free gel cream that rapidly cools the skin 


1.It is expensive.

2.It may give a little greasy feel.

3.People with sensitive skin should use it with care.

5-Body Shop’s Seaweed Oil Control Gel Cream:

Having said that, Body shop ‘s skin care line is truly amazing. It is accepted by many and has shown tremendous results overnight.  When it comes to any skin type body shop’s skin care range is your only solution which is easily available with little to no side effects. I personally am a biggie body shop fan. Since I have an oily skin, this body shop’s seaweed oil control gel cream has done wonders on me. It is a product that not only hydrates but also is  lightweight. It   helps to maintain  oil and  excess sebum coming from your  skin  giving it  a matte, shiny and soft skin for next 24 hours.

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1.Normal to combination skin

2.It’s a go to product for oil skin particularly 

3.Balance oil and sebum 


 There are no related cons for this article.

6- NIVEA Soft Cream:

Nivea, a well known and trusted skincare product we have today. It is a product known for its soft and smooth texture, having no adverse effects. It is suitable for all skin types and a favorite drugstore product used commonly during winters. What makes it so different and special ?It has jojoba oil which helps control sebum,acts as an antioxidant,clog pores and also aids in the healing process. It also has vitamin E which reduces fine lines and wrinkles and blemishes pigmentation.

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1.Its a all in one product

2.It provides 24 hours moisturization

3.Its your go to after washing hands to get rid of dryness and dehydration.


There are no cons related to this article.

Quick Tip:

A quick tip to remember when you should use moisture. First, use it right after you wash your face as it is the best time to apply when your skin is damp that helps lock in hydration for many hours.Next, before you head out for a long sunny day,use a moisturizer in the morning.Also you can use it before bed to get that beauty sleep and it can also be used when you hop out of the shower and when you are breaking out or before applying any makeup. Such beauty tips will help you lock in hydration for many hours leaving a soft and smooth skin with no cracks and dryness.


I know as much we love winters we don’t like dryness and cracks that come with it. But you need not to worry as we have mentioned you above three best moisturizers that can be used  for normal to oily or combination skin. Moisturizing your skin helps you lock in hydration for hours so that you don’t feel rough and dry.It is wise to choose a best moisturizer specially when you have an oily skin for that amazing glow.

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