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We all care about our hair because we never want to lose the beauty of our hair even if you are a woman who works outdoors and has to look pretty throughout the day. In this case you really need to take care of your hair with the best hair protector and but who has enough time to do all the stuff required to keep hair look healthy. 

Working women have to face hair damage but wait house wives also go through such damage. Well every other girl has to face it. We are in the era where life is getting harder and busier as compared to old times.Avoid these mistakes you do in your haircare

Our hair has to face pollution and other water impurities, what you don’t know about water impurities? Well let me tell you. 

Tap water can harm your hair because it has such bad ingredients that may cause hair fall by making your scalp dry. These ingredients include sodium fluoride which causes dryness into your scalp. 

Other than that many other activities may give a big damage to your hair such as heating up your hair with straightener or any curler too often or getting bleach in your hair for adopting new colors or sun exposure. 

Best Hair Mask For Damaged Hair:

For damaged hair you can use this hair protector/mask which is especially made for you.Best hair mask for damaged hair is Olaplex which has good ratings and 90% positive reviews on Amazon. Its specialty is to bond those broken hair and remove split ends. It has no harmful ingredients but surprisingly it is vagan and it has all the natural ingredients. 

Olaplex Hair Perfector No 3

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It provides protein and necessary vitamins to help make them healthier, above all it keeps the ph of your hair balanced. 

One customer writes that : I have had 9x my hair bleached that it reached to the point where my hair started feeling like noodles and extremely damaged. Then I started investing into good quality products like olaplex and quit using 10& shampoos and conditioners. I started seeing improvements in less time. 

So here you can understand why the quality products are important to use and why you need to invest in it. 

Here are some queries you might have for this Best Hair Mask For Damaged Hair

Q-Does this product stop breakage? 

A-Yes it stops breakage but you need to be patient to see the results. 

Q-Best way to use it?

A-You can simply wash your hair with water and apply this product. You need to leave it for at least 2 hours and let it dry. Then shampoo your hair with high quality shampoos for damaged hair. 

Q-Can I leave it overnight? 

A-Yes in fact for best results you need to leave it in your hair for long time

From a single bottle you can have 3 to 4 uses for long and thick hair but the time of uses may increase depending on the volume and length of your hair. This product promises healthy hair not long hair so don’t get confused. 

Cons of Olaplex:

This product either repairs your hair or damages it more.This works for damaged hair happened from the above reasons I mentioned. But if you use it for extremely treated and bleached hair it is more likely to give no result, but customers who have bleached hair have got results from it. So it depends on your luck if it would work for your treated hair. 

And if your hair gets damaged because of dryness here is another premium yet Best hair protector for damaged hair which can give best and intense treatment to your damaged hair. 

Best hair protector on amazon

Buy At Amazon For $25 : Argan Oil Mask, with Argan & Almond Oils

It has essential oils which makes your hair softer and makes them easy to get styled. Ii is especially made for dry hair but damaged It is a deep conditioning hair mask with deep and special benefits. If the above product doesn’t suit you. You can fearless go for this one and remember be consistent with one product at a time or else you will end up getting 0 results from any product in this world.

It has argan oil which restores shine of  dry and dull hair by hydrating it with its aqua formula. This single mask has a lot of benefits. It can be used for dull dry damage and frizzy hair also solve the problem of tangled hair. This works best for the hair that has been color treated. 

Your queries: 

Q-How to use it for best results? 

A-It is a kind of conditioner so it is best to use it after shampoo and drying hair with a towel and then leave it for 15 to 30 mins and rinse. 

Q-Does it help dry scalp? 

A-It helps to look your dry hair shiny and healthy. If you want to repair your scalp you need to choose your first product. 

Q-What harmful ingredient doesn’t have?


Q-I got a blonde color. Is this product safe?

A-Yes of course it is safe since it doesn’t have sulphate.

Q-Does it help with sunburn hair? 

A-Yes it does, in fact it is best for you

Cons Argan Oil Hair Mask

There are not such cons of this product.But if you are not getting results from it you need to start using its shampoo as well. 

This product with its shampoo is a complete package for dry and damaged hair.its shampoo has the same ingredients. If you have extremely dry hair then you need to give this package a try and you will love the results a few times. 

ROYAL FORMULA - Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo Sulfate Free

Buy At Amazon For $18.85 : ROYAL FORMULA – Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo Sulfate Free

I know how bad it is to manage untied dry hair. When you are at work and everyone else is giving you suggestions to get rid of dry hair. Apparently there is no problem with dry hair but the truth is when your scalp is dry it brings many hair problems at the same time but believe me or not dry hair needs hydration and cream so this product will give everything to your dead dry hair to bring it to life. 

Quick tip:

You have to use 1 product for at least 3 months to get results and make hair used for that product. Follow the best hair care routine and you will see results soon but see a dermatologist if you can’t stop your hair problems. 



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