What Is Permanent Makeup?Is It A Plastic Surgery?

Ever heard about what is permanent makeup and it sounds like a plastic surgery? What is permanent makeup? Actually Such a process can also be called intradermal pigmentation, this is entirely the latest artistry methods in which organic coloring technique has experimented on the dermic surface of the body skin. Along with permanent makeup your eyebrows pencils, lipsticks, eyeliner, and lip liner will be presented the whole day around, which means it will stay 24/7.How much does permanent makeup cost? Actually it varies with different treatments and I have mentioned the average price range for each treatment.

What Is Permanent Makeup And Its Benefits

Other than possessing such a beautiful enhancement, the permanent makeup can also be much more beneficial for those persons who have a desire to hide whitening spots, different kinds of scars and vitiligo affecting to, 

For those it will be much useful who are suffering different infections and disorders like alopecia totalis and they have the desire to have their precious eyebrows again, quite like in such procedures it can be much beneficial in restoring or enhancing the breasts areola (a specific area rounding the breast) that can usually be treated after the patient has done the breast surgery.

 There are several benefits of treating in such latest developing trends, but the main and important thing is to do it carefully and correctly, So if such treatment is going to be done accurately, the above treatment procedural steps are ideally much safer and there are not any alarming issues related to the potential risking.

How does permanent makeup work?

Such procedures require much attention and some pointer or marker type of indicator, So to get a general tattoo on your body surface, there is not any kind of worries, micro pigmentation is the name of such a process, in this procedure a specific kind of tattoo marker or pen is utilized while injecting the pig-mental permanent ink within your body skin, this specific type of pen provisioned with an empty shaped needle that vibrates and performs a penetrating procedure to the skin of the body while releasing a blob of pigment every moment it taps it. 

While to give so sort of relief in this procedure the makeup professional will put in some kind of painkiller to insensate the operating part of the body that is being operated. So you will observe just a minor of unpleasant feelings, it occurs generally in the form of some sort of biting. 

Choose Your Color

Before the starting of any kind of such a treatment, the makeup specialist or professional will take a test on your skin, you will observe a patch testing on your body skin, so he will make sure that you have some sorts of allergic reactions against the pigmentation.

The design and the coloring choices of your permanent make up are up to you, you will decide whatever you want to be looked after the procedure but of course, it’s a good idea to take some kind of advice and listen to some different recommendations from the professional makeup artist. At last, they all want to do the best for you and they have much experience in this profession. 

Every pigmentation proses usually occur in the timeframe of from 30 to 120 min, and as a result that normally happens with any kind of tattoo, the coloring will be some type of brightening or darkening at the starting and the body skin area will be much swelling and will become red-colored too, but after passing some time depending on the process of implementation, everything will become normal and things will be at the right place like before.

Available Permanent Market Treatments

After knowing what is permanent makeup.Just not depending on to be in the perfect or attractable looking, or other much important causes like sickness or ailment, the most notable treatment procedures areas are: eyeliner, lips blushing, and microblading for eyebrows.

Permanent Eyebrows Treatment

Eyebrows that are done pleasantly have been a major and important part of any makeup preview or presentation from a couple of last years, and thus according to recent observations and trends, it is understandable that the permanent eyebrow treatment procedure has gained much popularity and it is the most desirable or adoptable treatment too, the main procedure starts with manually handling the tool, it may be whether in the shape of a movable rotary pen which has several kinds of needles and the other is a razor blade, the later one is called micro-blading that uses its blades while making hair-like blowing and imitate your brows natural hairs, those are filled later with pigmentation.

While the first one can be called micro shading, it is less harmful or dangerous due to this procedure does not produce any kind of scars or cuts in your skin, thus it utilizes just small shaped needles and these needles add pigments on the epidermis layering surface of the skin. Producing a much gentle pounced view, Such treatments generally take from one to two time hours, so it looks that it is less time-consuming treatments, and the price range or the cost of this treatment is between 350 $ to 3000 $ .

Lip Blushing Treatment

One just needs to imagine for a while about not to bother about his lipstick after different eating or taking teas or coffees, or at the much busy times when you are at your job, But with the procedure of lip blushing to your lips, the lips will always be in the form and look that you have just right now applied your lipstick and the combination of lip liner, To do such an amazing procedure makeup professionals will do the usage of rotary or moveable pen,

it’s quite similar to above mentioned or used in the process of micro shading, but this time with a specific set of needles are used in this procedure, because of the much sensitivity issues related to the specific form of the lips, even by applying the freezing cream on to the lips, this treatment procedure can be some sort of painful. but sooner you will forget all of your pains and worries and just make a note that right after two hours you will get that desired form of lips that you have imagined before and you will be happy.


Forget to spend any penny while shopping for your lipsticks not anymore. SO this permanent lipstick or it can be named as a lip tattoo can significantly decrease the flowing or bleeding of the lipstick that is surrounded by the lips, hence while giving a much better presentation to the lips line, 

There is a lot of colors to choose so there is a lot of color selection, but most of the individuals go far a natural-looking presentation, so they prefer to choose a bare or softer pink option, surely there are a lot other colorful options for those who seek to look in sensational looking ways, So here the price depends on the base of the different factors, like the professional expertise and the location of the professional makeup artist, So here different factors need to concern while getting such treatment, And finally the price range of this procedure costs around between 700 $ to 3000 $.

Permanent Eyeliner Treatment

 Till now we have described different treatments related to lips and brows, So the remaining thing or the missing part in such a useful description and to be honest that one which is the most time consuming is the application or the implementation of the eyeliner, one should need to remember those early morning days when one had some shortage of time your hands were playing with you while you tried harder to draw a perfect line but at the end what you get, definitely it was a disaster, Such a disastrous scenario that you have faced in many times of your life.

Permanent Eyeliner treatment

Fortunately, now there is a time and a way to end up with all such miseries and mysteries, and that could be done with the help of permanent eyeliner, by the usage on small needles having pigments within, the makeup professional use to inject chosen color in ones lash line, and shifting it in looking darkened straightly, everything you have ever imagined to get with your general eyeliner and without getting any extra costs around. You can go out for swimming and will observe that your lash line will be looking in perfect shape, you can also do other tiresome daily life activities with the use of permanent eyeliner and obviously, you will shine all the way, So the price of such treatment ranges between 600 $ and 1500 $, and the procedure of the permanent eyeliner will take approx. between 1-2 hours. 

All In One Guide For Permanent Makeup 

Hoping that all the questions related to what is Permanent Makeup? Have been answered here briefly and concisely, here it has been presented several steps of different procedures or treatments that can make much of easier and convenient life and it applies for both men and women, nowadays everyone is looking to improve and boost looks and personality. So these procedures or treatments are a great and valuable choice for someone who feels some sort of skin imperfection and has a desire to alternate it. It can solve other people’s skin allergy-related problems that occurred by using general makeup methods.

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