Oxygen facial benefits

Did you know your skin needs oxygen? And your skin breaths? 

What is Oxygen Facial?

If you already know about oxygen facial you must know what it brings to your skin. What are the Oxygen facial benefits? Oxygen facials have been trending because of it’s outclass results. Oxygen facial is one of the highly recommended facials for Adults. Oxygen facial does wonders to the problem skin.However It is best for everyone with every type of skin.

Have you ever noticed that your face and neck skin gets dull or get wrinkles as compared to the overall skin of the body? No? Because your body is hidden under your clothes which protects it from environmental pollution so the oxygen of your skin stays in it but vice versa for your face and neck. It can easily be understood by this example how important oxygen facial is for your face skin.

Oxygen facial penetrates the oxygen directly into your skin which has been taken away by environmental pollution.With this facial you will see visible results on your skin.

When do you need an oxygen facial?

Oxygen facials are great to start in your early 30’s.Although it is not necessary,You can get an oxygen facial when you see your skin getting dull with the sun burn or pollution.

Any Oxygen facial benefits?

Yes! There are many oxygen facial benefits in fact it is what your skin needs. It is best when you go on beach picnics and the sun has stolen all the oxygen out of your skin and makes it look damaged.

It hydrates your skin right after sun bath or after those beach picnics when your skin gets sensitive with red rashes on your face.

It simulates blood circulation so your skin heals quickly.Here are some oxygen facial benefits below.

1-Even tone skin

As you grow older you will face uneven skin tone and you got to notice some areas are darker then other areas of your face and you are hiding it with your branded foundation, In this condition oxygen facial can do wonders for your uneven skin tone. Just in 3 sittings of this facial you can see amazing results as it helps with even tone your skin. It provides your skin essential nutrients and vitamins while it is dull at a specific area on your face. 

  1. Collagen boost

You face wrinkles and open pores? Its because the collagen of your skin is getting weak.Collagen is like glue to the skin cells and when it is weak the cells start falling apart resulting in wrinkles and open pores.

Oxygen facial makeup your skin collagen and boost its production to the good level so they prevent wrinkles and reduces fine lines.It helps to minimize open pores.

  1. 0 side effects

The best thing about this facial is that it will never harm your skin but will make it more glowing and shiny. Organic products are used for this facial so it doesn’t harm your skin anyway.

You don’t need to worry It doesn’t have any long term side effects which is why you can get this facial after every 15 days to make you look young.


The reason every blog constantly talks about moisturizer is that your skin needs to be moist from within so it will prevent aging signs from appearing and oxygen facial does moisturize deep down.

When you have crossed your 30’s  and when you get old your skin loses its natural oil resulting in dryness and fine lines. This facial moisturizes your skin.

5.Acne protection

Oxygen facial protects your skin from acne bacteria by killing it Or if you already have acne scars it will help lighten them within 2 to 3 sittings.

But you have to keep in mind, If you are already having acne then this facial is not for you.This only kills existing acne bacteria.

6-Instant results

One of my favorite things about this facial is its instant results. You can easily figure out how good this facial has brought to your face.Your face will be shiny and youthful.

You can literally feel your skin breathing.

What you should do to get the best out of it?

Take care of these three things and be amazed by the results.

  • Do not wash your face with any soap or face wash for at least 24 hours. Use plain tap water.
  • Do not go near the fire or heat for at least 4 hours to cook anything.
  • Apply toner when you go out to protect from the sun rays.

Surprising fact:

If you do not wash your face for 24 hours with soap or face wash the results will last for 24 days and likewise.

Who can take it?

People with all skin types can take this facial. It should be taken after adult age but if a teenager needs it due to any skin problem or damage it can work the same for them with no harm. It should be taken only once a month and taken after every 15 days if you are 30+. Remember that people with acne can not take this facial.

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How to do oxygen facial?

It is best if you can get it done from any salon or spa because of the pressure points in massage which reliefs your skin. But if you when to learn it for the client the here is how you can do it.

Buy a kit of oxygen facial from the best company. Total time duration is 45Minutes maximum

Step 1-Face wash

Ask your client to wash her face with facewash to clean all the dust or oil on the skin.After washing face,let it dry.


Apply cleanser for 2minutes then massages it well for 3mins. keep on counting minutes

Step3-Massage cream

Leave massage cream for 2 minutes and massage for 5 minutes with pressure points.


Make a scrub with oat powder and add rose water for the paste. Massage For 5minutes.

You can make this scrub if your company doesn’t have it.This is the best scrub to boost collegen and provide oxygen to your skin.This is 100% organic.


Apply the mask for 10 to 15 minutes. Let it dry and rinse.


Massage with neutralizer for 2 minutes only. Neutralizer is for calming your skin if it is sensitive.


Apply and leave it. Do not go out without toner, It will protect skin from harmful sun rays

And you are done!

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