The best time to workout in Ramadan

The best time to workout in Ramadan

Ramadan is the month of self-reflection, sacrifice, and gratitude. Working out on an empty stomach, without any food and water during summer, seems tough.

it is recommended to maintain physical activity which has also been proven to be very healthy during Ramadan. Also, it is considered the best month for losing weight

At the same time, people think that working out in Ramadan can be frustrating. As many people are confused with workout best timings in this month,  but fortunately, the best time to exercise in Ramadan can make you feel good about your workout, all you need to do is to pay close attention to how you feel and choose what time is best and unique for you!

Here is your Best time to workout

  1. Immediately after iftar

This is an ideal workout schedule in Ramadan if you make it work for you. Rush to workout immediately after Iftar. You can have post workout meal which minimizes the chances of muscle loss and improve workout performance. As you also have a pre-workout meal that makes you feel energetic.

You can drink water so there is no risk of dehydration. You are less likely to overeat at iftar only if you make this schedule work for you. As you are neither hungry nor sleepy you enjoy your workout right after iftar.

Remember Taraweeh may feel tight!

(Highly Recommended)

  1. An hour before Suhoor

This timing is ideal for weight loss as you work out an empty stomach. Less chances of dehydration as you are still being able to drink water.  This schedule is great for Muscular development as you can have immediately suhoor as your post workout meal. If you pick this is schedule DO NOT miss suhoor.This could be the best time to workout.

Remember You might have to sacrifice your sleep if you choose this schedule.

3.After Taraweeh

Again you will not have dehydration, you can have your pre and post workout meal best for Muscular development. You will be easy after a workout just take a hot shower right after a workout and go straight to sleep. it will make you feel super good and help you fall asleep easily. After Taraweeh, you are more likely to feel lazy due to which you might end up skipping this schedule.

Remember try not to overeat in iftar.

(Recommended in winter)

  1. An hour before Iftar

This schedule works best to burn fat faster, You are working out an empty stomach but after that, you are going to eat and drink, However, fitness experts do not recommend this schedule as it can cause you dehydration and make you feel dizzy, risk of muscle cramping or might cause you serious medical issue.

Remember try not to overdo workout or exceed more than 30mins.

(Recommended in winter)

Pick the schedule which works best for you, DO NOT make yourself frustrated, have a proper IFTAR and SUHOOR and take nutritional food or else all your workout effort will go in waste. Exercising during the cooler time can be more helpful.

Choose the best time to work out that is best for you and work best on your body

Try not to do heavy workout during Ramadan and 30 to 40 minutes workout would be enough during this month.

Enjoy your workout!


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