How working woman should maintain her beauty?

If you are working woman you already know the struggle of maintaining yourself, so here we go…

If you do not want to get old early then you must take care of yourself. You are beautiful and I want you to stay beautiful forever. Here is what Japanese woman do to stay beautiful and active and attractive.

Three types of working woman- Necessary tips:

On – The – job beauty maintenance for working women:

If you work in an office, or anywhere outside the home for that matter, you face some special beauty challenges. Here are some tips for keeping your best face forward, and your body well-cared for. ( in general, you should relax your skin by going without makeup at least once a week and no matter how late you get home, wash your face)

In this modern world when every other working woman is facing a time shortage, but for beauty sake, you should be aware of what you are lacking in regards to your beauty. Beauty maintenance is necessary thing especially when you are a working woman.

If you work in an office-

Apply moisture lotion as needed to counteract the effect of air conditioning or heating. Yes, it is a fact, Both air condition and heater can get your skin dry and affect to a good extent. If you sit in a well-furnished office with air-conditioning all the time On, You need to moisturize in order to prevent your skin from different problems.

If you are going out after work, take a few minutes first to cleanse your face, moisturize it, and apply a new Foundation and go with all new makeup. Brush your hair. Also, keep a few bottles of cleanser and lotion and other needed makeup in your bag.

Must Stretch your body for at least five minutes if you constantly sit on your chair. You may simply stretch your legs while you’re still sitting on your chair, take a deep breath to keep your mind fresh and active

If you work outdoors-

Experiencing outdoor working? Yeah, I can understand how harsh it has been on your skin. But you are the only caretaker of it.

Never forget to apply a light, oil-based Foundation to protect skin from ultraviolet rays and wind. Remember oil-based! because it will last on your skin for a long time and it would protect your skin with a thick layer, it might feel heavy on your skin, Although If you have oily skin do not go for it, the alternative could be sunblock even at night, but if you have dry skin your skin will surely embrace it with love.

During the day, apply hand cream and astringent over makeup, as needed. Beware of sunburn on the face as well as arms and any other exposed areas.

When you fly –

Apply moisture lotion even over makeup, since cabin air tends to be cool and dry and tough on skin. Try to drink several glasses of water during the flight to prevent dehydration.

Japanese, whether they are travelling via train or plane, are famous for knowing how to make themselves at home. No sooner has the plane left the ground then the shoes come off, to be replaced with slippers. If the flight is long, get out of your seat occasionally to stretch or stroll and try the Japanese trick of removing your shoes to get comfortable and to prevent your feet from swelling.

Refresh before landing by brushing your teeth, adjusting makeup, smoothing hair. Try ordering a vegetarian meal instead of the standard fare, a heavy meal feels heavy when you are inactive for a prolonged period of time. The ingredients in the vegetarian meal tend to be fresher, higher in dietary fibre, lower and sugar and fat.

If you spend a lot of time on your feet-

On rest breaks, do stretching exercises and massage feet to help tired legs and back recover, as soon as you get home, take off your shoes and put up your feet for a few minutes to reduce swelling, then soak feet and legs in cold water, or rub a moist towel from ankles to calves. This will relax your feet and helps with better blood circulation.

Refreshing makeup is necessary for any condition.That’s it, If you really liked this blog please share with your friends, I would highly appreciate 🙂

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