How to draw eyebrows step by step

Most women are less than confident when it comes to trimming or drawing their eyebrows many have eyebrows that are too thick or thin, to close together or to distance, or too far away from the eyes. women are not happy in any way :p

let’s spend a minute with yours, let’s follow these Top 10 rules on how to draw eyebrows step by step

Read till the end to get my quick tip 😉

Rules on how to draw eyebrows step by step

This is how you need to fill in your eyebrows…

1-Follow the shape of your natural eyebrows. 

2-Pencil in the desired shape before trimming or plucking. 

3-Pluck along the grain (the direction that the hairs are growing in) and always blood from underneath. 

4-Trim with scissors Against The Grain, and only trim hair that is longer than the rest. 

5-While training, continue to shape with a brush. 

6-To avoid, off-centre Brows, mark the arches first. The peak of the arch is on a line directly above the outer edge of the pupil of the eye. 

7-For brows that can be restyled for each occasion, shape from the front of eyebrows( section closest to the nose) to Arch. Cut or pluck the back half. This area can be styled to fit the occasion. 

8- Brow colour can be selected to match your hair, eyeglass frames, or favourite shade of clothes, but a colour slightly darker than your hair often looks more flattering. 

9-For better control while pencilling in the left eyebrow, brace elbow against the body, and position hand below the eye. 

10-To avoid an older, and healthy appearance, don’t trim brows hair too short. 

And finally, don’t forget to choose brow shapes that suit your face:


The most natural and easiest to match with any face.  

2.Straight, less curved 

Emphasizes horizontal direction, so it’s good for long faces.

3.High point

The higher arch emphasizes vertical direction, so it’s good for full cheat faces.


Quick Tip

-Use eyebrow makeup sparingly, and brush at edges of brows to soften outline. Always draw in brows using strokes that move from below upwards, not vice versa. 

Remember after drawing to shade off the edges using a brush-stark, sharp brows are for dolls, not people. A modern look is to have the highest part or peak of the arch at the outer corner of the eye this ( will give you a young, open-eyed look) 

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