10 Best Nail Glues For Fake Nails

10 Best Nail Glues For Fake Nails That Are Easy To Peel

Don’t you know never ever mess with a girl who is painting her nails as money can’t buy happiness but it can buy a pretty set of fake nails. Long gone are the days when you had to go to a nail salon for having your pretty nails manicured or for salon-based acrylic or gel nails and today you can have your own nail-salon at home and can have them salon like gel/acrylic based nails with the various nail kits available which can give a professional look to your pretty nails just at home.

Fake nails is the most exciting part of your nail kit they not only add magic and beauty to your nails but also support your cracked or chipped nails to look even with the rest of your nails. Similarly, a nail glue in your nail kit is as essential as a nail top coat is to any nail polish. A nail glues provides a medium or it helps fake nails to be in its place by sticking/adhering it to the nail bed.

So here I’m enlisting 10 best nail glues for fake nails that are easy on peeling.

1-Elegant Touch ( Brush-On Nail Glue):

It is one of the best brush-on nail glue available at drugstore prices.This brush-on nail glue is very convenient to apply with precision to bond and repair any artificial nails such as acrylic nails,tips and even works for broken natural nails.One of the great advantage is it dries super fast with in seconds making your life less miserable by creating an ultra strong bond between the artificial nail and nail bed.It can be easily found as the best nail glues for fake nails on amazon.

Elegant Touch Brush On Nail Glue

Buy Now At Amazon For $ 9.80 : Elegant Touch Brush-On Nail Glue


1.It is one of the best nail glues for fake nails as it dries abruptly with-in a span of 4 seconds

2.It is very handy as it is very easy to apply and manipulate with a brush-on.

3.It is the best nail glue for acrylic nails as it creates and strengthens the bond between the acrylic nail and nail bed.


1.It may cause eye and skin irritation as it has cyanoacrylate.(In such events, flush your eye and skin with water)

2.It should never be used on thin,infected and irritated nails.

3.It is important to remember to avoid contact with clothing as it may cause burns.

2- Kiss ( Maximum Speed Nail Glue ) For Fake Nails:

It is yet another best nail glue for fake nails which can be easily found and cherry-on-top is very budget friendly.It doesn’t cost you a pocket.If you are someone who feels lazy to change a new set of fake nails then this is definitely like your best friend,your only go-to.

Kiss-maximum speed nail glue is one top selling adhesives that can perfectly bond and repair any kind of fake nails.It is one of the best nail glues for lifting nails and also is a non-toxic nail glue.

Kiss Products Maximum Speed Nail Glue

Buy Now At Amazon For $2.99 : Kiss Maximum Speed Nail Glue


1.It is to easy to use and apply 

2.It dries super fast

3.It forms a strong adhesive bond 


1.It may not have a long-lasting effect.

2.The nozzle of this nail glue may get clogged if not closed tightly and may harden after its first use.

3.It may have an unpleasant smell.

3-Mia Secret ( Clear Nail Glue):

MIA, one of the best nail glues for fake nails we have today.It is a favorite drugstore staple in the world of nail art and trusted by many nail art professionals.If you are someone who wants to have their fake nails bond well and gives you a professional look and it doesn’t chip off than MIA is an only solution to all your problems.It has many benefits from being the best nail glue for acrylic nails,non-toxic nail glue and the best nail glue for lifting nails that are either chipped or broken with just an easy brush-on application.It has vitamin E and Calcium which further promotes the growth of nails and vitamin E  protects against any dirt or microorganism as an antioxidant.

Mia Secret Nail Glue

Buy Now At Amazon For $ 7.95 : MIA Nail Glue


1.It creates an ultra super strong adhesive bond and dries super fast.

2.It is water-resistant.

3.It protects nails from any fungal infection as it has an antifungal agent.


1.It can be difficult to remove or whipped off from nails

2.Sometimes, it may get pricey.

3.It may require a 2 step application for a stronger bond.

4-IBD Brush-On Glue:

If you want to indulge in some nail beauty then invest in a product with many benefits and less side-effects.This IBD brush-on glue gives you an easy application no matter what if your are a beginner or wanna do-it-your-own-way press on acrylic nails,this glue does magic on your nails and has long-lasting effect,it dries super fast and also removes very easily without any hassle. 

IBD Brush-On Glue

Buy Now At Amazon For $4.50 : IBD Brush-on Glue.


1.It is nail glue which is ideal for acrylic and gel based nails.

2.It is easy to use because of its application with a nice brush.

3.It doesn’t cost you a pocket.


1.Sometimes it may take ages to dry.

2.It has a strong odor.

3.It may harden if not closed properly.

5-Nailene ( Ultra Quick Nail Glue):

Nailene is the best nail glue for acrylic nails and it is a glue which doesn’t turn nails white or yellow like any other nail glue rather it gives your nail a natural hue more like a pink color.

It is durable and lasts a very long time and holds artificial nails in place.It is one of the essential tools of any manicure/pedicure kit.It has set a mark in the nail art world with its high-quality and strong adhesive bond.

Nailene Ultra Quick Nail Glue for Artificial Nails & Repair

Buy Now At Amazon For $ 5.20 : Nailene Ultra Quick Nail Glue


1.It is the best nail glue for fake nails on amazon available at drugstore prices.

2.It is trusted by many nail art professionals because of its strong adhesive bond

3.It has long-lasting effect and hold nails 10 times more than any nail glue


1.It has a heavy consistency which can make your fingers sticky in the end.

2.It may not last as long as it is expected

3.It can make your fingers rough and dry.

6-Gabriella Hypo-allergic Nail Glue:

I know selecting the best non damaging nail glue for static nails is one hell of a task.But no worries gabriella nail glues is made up of natural resins that doesn’t cause any nail or skin irritation.It strengthens and mends the chipped and broken nails very easily with no mistake and gives you salon like nails at home.It can let our manicure goes for days or weeks.It is super fast and durable nail glue.

Gabriella Hypo-Allergenic Nail Glue

Buy Now At Amazon For $6.49 :  Gabriella Nail Glue


1.It is not only the best nail glue for fake nails but it is also to stick nail ornaments.

2.It forms a strong and durable bond

3.It causes no damage to the nails and skin and is hypoallergenic.


1.It can take a little long to dry.

2.It has an  unpleasant smell

3.It may have a sticky consistency.

7- KDS Nail Tip Glue:

KDS nail glues are a favorite drugstore staple.One word,excellence. It is a nail glue to which you can’t help but fall in love with at such amazing drugstore prices giving promising results.

It holds artificial nails either acrylic or gel based nails in its place for a few days.

It is a non damaging glue for static nails that does wonders.It is also safe to use in children.

KDS Nail Glue for Professional Fake Nail Art & Design

Buy Now At Amazon For $ 5.75 : KDS Nail Tip Glue


1.It is easy to use and apply

2.It can be easily wiped off without any chaos.

3.It is travel-friendly.


1.It may not give a suitable adhesive bond 

2.It may not give a long-lasting effect 

3.It may have a thick consistency.

8-Makartt Nail Glue(Built-In Brush):

None likes thick,greasy and sticky fingers,all you want is a nail glue that does not give you any of them.In such a situation,makartt nail glue is your solution.It is affordable and yet does not give you an itch with the glue.It does not cause any damage to the skin or to the nails.It bonds nicely with the artificial nails for a few days.

Makartt Nail Glue for Acrylic Nails, Brush on Nail Glue for Nail Repair,

Buy Now At Amazon For $ 9.99 : Makartt Nail Glue


1.It has a built-in brush and is easy to apply.

2.It is skin and nails friendly.

3.It not only holds artificial nails but also chipped or broken nails in its place.


1.It may have a strong odor

2.It  can harden if not tightly packed.

3.It should not be used on a person who has some sort of allergy.

9-BT ARTBOX Nail Glue:

It is another hot-seller nail glue available on amazon.It is also one of the non toxic nail gluenon toxic nail glue.It is travel-friendly because of its cute little packaging and provides a good adhesive bond with the artificial nails.It is a great option for someone who is always on the go and is on hunt for something to set fast and holds fake nails in its place for a few days.

Nail Glue for Acrylic Nails

Buy Now At Amazon For $ 7.97 : BT ARTBOX Nail Glue


1.It is travel-friendly.

2.It is safe to use because it consists of natural ingrediants.

3.It is easy to apply and remove.


1.It may not last long.

2.It can clog the tips of the nail glue if it remains open in the air.

3.If not closed tightly it may lose its efficacy. 

10-Yaomiao Nail Tip Glue:

If you want a salon like professional nails within seconds without any hassle than yaomiao is your right pick.It gives amazing results within few minutes and you are ready to go anywhere.It also come with a good hand of pieces so you are never out of stock and fits easily into your manicure kit.

Yaomiao 40 Pieces Nail Tip Glue Beauty False Adhesive Nail Glue

Buy Now At Amazon For $ 11.99 : Yaomiao Nail Tip Glue


1.It is affordable.

2.It gives a strong,adhesive and durable bond.

3.It is travel-friendly,can be easily fitted anywhere in your bag.


1.It can take a few seconds to minutes to dry.

2.It has a narrow tip so if not closed tightly, it can clog.

3.It can give your fingers a sticky feel.

Quick Tip:

It is very important to remember how you are gonna use nail glue.

First, your nails should be manicured such as they are very well trimmed and cuticles are pushed and the nail beds are nicely buffed.It is now you apply a nail glue but before this it has to be dry.why?because air bubbles may weaken the efficacy of a bond.Drop a few drops of a glue and then press any artificial nail.Remove the excess and woa you are ready to go.


I will end my blog now but it is very very important to choose a good nail glue.why?It is because of a nice and strong nail glue with durable adhesiveness you can lock in your any manicure pattern/designs for days.When your manicure stays in its place, you feel amazing.

It is like having a nice concealer that blends all your worries and dark circles similarly, it is with a nail glue that holds your acrylic nails and ensures your happy mood.

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