Best Eyelash Glues That Are Easy To Apply & Less Sticky (1)

 10 Best Eyelash Glues That Are Easy To Apply & Less Sticky

Did you say fake eyelashes? Falsies? Oh man,they are super trendy and yet classy these day.As they say having good eyelashes is like lifting up your mood and makes everything around you so much better.But have you ever given thought about how they will hold in its place?no? It’s your eyelash glue/adhesive which keeps them in its place for pretty long time and brings more volume to your eyelashes.

There are occasions where you want to take your makeup to next level and you can do it by pairing it with nice falsies and then there’s one thing that shouldn’t be ignored or overlooked and yes,you guess it right that’s the glue.

As much as choosing an eyelash is important similarly selecting an adequate adhesive is way more important. 

So here I am enlisting the best eyelash glues that will improve your look and adds magic and shine in your eyes as lashes are a girl’s best friend.

1-House Of Lashes (Eyelash Adhesives):

Speaking of eyelashes,one product that we vouch for is the’house of lashes’ with amazing quality.This brand has a beautiful range of eyelashes and on the other hand they have adhesives for them.This house of lashes eyes lash glue/adhesive is one of the best eyelash glues we have and it is recommended by almost every makeup professional and makeup addict.Whats with the hype of this product? It is worth the hype because it has a long-lasting effect and comes with an applicator that is a brush which makes precise attachment.It is free from any kind of harsh chemicals.

House of Lashes Glue

Buy Now At Amazon For : $ 37.12  House Of Lashes 


1.It is a long lasting eyelash glue that holds your falsies stay in place all day.

2.It is latex and chemical free. 

3.It is the best eyelash glue for easy application.


1.It is expensive.

2.It may take a little long to dry.

3.Any one with sensitive eyes must use wth caution.

2-KISS Strip Eyelash Adhesive:

KISS strip eyelash adhesive is known for its long-wearing or holding power.It is one of the eyeslash adhesives that can be easily found at the stores, available at drugstore prices.It is a clear-gel eyelash adhesive that can be easiy applied in thin and precise strips with in seconds.The best feature about this eyelash adhesive which makes it different from eyelash glues is that it is infused with aloevera which is natural and act gentle on the skin with no irritation.It has a tapered brush which makes easy and precise application.

KISS Strip Eyelash Adhesive

Buy Now At Amazon For : $ 5.31 KISS EyeLash Glue


1.It is the best eyelash glue for anyone who is always on the go and wants them falsies to stay in place for the entire day.

2.It is free from any kind of chemicals.

3.It is water-proof and has no significant odor.


1.No cons have been registered for this particular article.

3-DUO Strip Eyelash Adhesive:

This DUO strip eyelash adhesive is a steal of drugstore buy.It is the best drugstore eyelash glue that suits every type of eyelashes,be it thin,thick or voluminous or dark brown or black in color,it sure lasts long without any doubt and is easy to remove without causing any irritation.This Duo adhesive comes in a tube form which makes application easy and precise. For best results try squirting it onto a piece of paper,then apply it either with a toothpick or any brush for a precise and accurate application.In order to have the best grip,apply it on the eyelashes for about a few seconds before pressing onto your eyelids.In short,it’s the best beauty staple we have it today.

Buy Now At Amazon For : $ 8.47  DUO Eyelash Adhesive 


1.It is suitable for every type of eyelash but specifically it is the best eyelash glue for heavy-type of eyelashes.

2.It is waterproof and hypoallergenic.

3.It is the best eyelash glue available on amazon that is long-lasting and dries quickly.


1.It may leave your fingers sticky.

2.If not closed tightly,it may dry.

3.People with sensitive eyes should be careful when they use it.

4-ARDELL LashTite Eyelash Glue:

Ardell eyelash adhesives is a professional favorite and has become a beauty staple for many fake lash or falsies lovers.It is pocket friendly with many benefits.It is the lash glue that stays for a long time,easy to remove without tugging or irritation and is water-proof.

It comes in two forms that are ‘clear or black’ depending on what suits your lash line better either to blend in or to stand out.Ardell gives a flawless look to them falsies.It is definitely your go-to.

Ardell Lashtite Individual Lash Adhesive

Buy Now At Amazon For : $ 5.31 Ardell Lashtite Eyelash Glue


1.It is the best eyelash glue available at amazon on amazing and affordable prices.

2.It has a smooth and fluid consistency makes it easy to apply for an all-in natural look.

3.It is water-proof,dries fast and a long lasting lash glue.


1.It contains formaldehyde.

2.It also has latex in its formula

3.Sensitive eyes should always use accordingly as it has chemical which can cause irritation

5-Muse Lash Eyelash Adhesive:

If you’re someone who has got extremely sensitive eyes and can’t say no to falsies then this muse lash eyelash adhesive is the right pick as it is free from any kind of chemicals and latex and unpleasant irritating odors.It gives your eyelashes a flawless and all in natural look without causing them  look goopy.

MUSELASH Latex Free False Eyelashes Glue Super Hold Clear Waterproof

Buy Now At Amazon For : $ 4.49 Muse Lash Eyelash Adhesive


1.This eyelash adhesive dries super fast

2.It is the best eyelash glue for easy application

3.It is formulated without any chemicals and latex.


1.It may not last for very long as expected.

2.The tube can dry if it is left open in air.

3.It can give your hands a sticky and greasy feel.

6-Forabeli Strong Eyelash Extension Glue:

Forabeli is one of the best eyelash glue for 2D,3D & 4D lash extensions.It brings more volume by adding a few subtle individual lashes and adds the right amount of glam without having a feeling of over done.It is the best eyelash glue for heavy lashes.

It is travel-friendly and convenient to use.

Strong Eyelash Extension Glue

Buy Now At Amazon For : $ 18.99 Forabeli Eyelash Extension Glue


1.It is a long-lasting lash glue.

2.It dries really fast.

3.It is a cruelty-free lash glue


1.It can get really pricey.

2.As it dries super fast it may get harder if it is left open to air,

3.Contact-lens wearer and sensitive eyes must use with care.

7-Davocy Eyelash Glue:

Davocy eyelash glue gives a long-lasting grip or hold so you can flaunt them with an ease and grace.It has a gentle formula which is safe to use on any type of eyelashes and even the ones with sensitive eyes.It makes application of eyelash glue very easy as it has a precise tip of the brush which looks like liquid eyeliner and makes your application super easy and fast.

Davocy Eyelash Glue

Buy Now At Amazon For : $ 8.99 Davocy Eyelash Glue


1.It is safe to use for any type of eyelashes 

2.It is a water-proof eyelash glue.

3.It is hypoallergenic.


1.It has a significant odor.

2.It is the lash glue which is difficult to remove.

3.It can leave your fingers sticky and tacky.

8-True Glue Eyelash Adhesive:

True glue eyelash adhesives/glue is a pro favorite.What makes this product so special and different? It has such ingredients which are safe to use and cause no such irritation to eyes,eyelashes or to the skin.It is durable and water-resistant and it does not budge an inch a day and stays on for a long time.It has a nourishing castor oil and a soothing chamomile oil which hydrates deeply your natural eyelashes and gives your fake eyelashes an oomph by adding more volume to them.

True Glue Vegan Adhesive White

Buy Now At Amazon For : $15.00  True Glue Eyelash Adhesive


1.It has castor and chamomile oil which soothes your natural eyelashes.

2.It is resistant to water and does not stick.

3.It is safe to use for all types.


1.Never leave this bottle of glue open,it may evaporate in thin air.

2.Avoid contact with clothing

3.Its availability can be an issue.

9-Velour Eyelash Glue:

It is one of the best eyelash glues for heavy lashes and it never fails to impress you on any occasion.It gives your eyelashes a more natural look.It makes your application simple and easy as it has a precise tip which applies only where it is required but it dries very fast so you have to be vigilant when applying.It has a gentle formula which can rock on any occasion.

Buy Now At Amazon For : $ 12.00 Velour Eyelash Adhesive


1.It can be used on any eyelash type.

2.It is lightweight 

3.It is resistant to water.


1.No significant cons have been registered related to this article.

10-Lashview Eyelash Glue:

It is another favorite drugstore eyelash glue which gives a long-lasting effect for any eyelash type.It has a gentle formula that is free from any kind of chemicals and latex and does not cause any harm to your eyes and skin.It can be easily carried and is resistant to water.

It stick falsies in such a way that adds more volume along with your natural eyelashes.

LASHVIEW Eyelash Glue

Buy Now At Amazon For : $7.99 Lashview Eyelash Glue


1.Is is hypoallergenic to the skin.

2.It is easy to apply yet easy to remove.

3.It is cruelty-free.


1.It dries super fast.

2.It may require continuous application as it evaporates fast.

3.It can leave its residues.

Quick Tip:

A quick beauty tip to remember before you apply any eyelash glue/adhesive you need to select the right one. First,before applying it on fake eyelashes,measure and cut the fake eyelash where required than curl up your natural eyelashes using brush..Next,either you apply eyelash glue via a brush or directly on to your fake eyelashes,leave them for a minute and then start applying and for a better grip use tweezers or any applicator.


As they say keep your standards high and lashes long.It is very important to know what type of eyelash glue you are using and how you are planning to apply because if not done in an appropriate way,you may end up in a hot mess.Adding eyelash extensions along with natural ones gives more volume and beauty to your eyes.


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