10 Best Dry Hair Shampoos For Winter To Get Rid Of Frizz

10 Best Dry Hair Shampoos For Winter To Get Rid Of Frizz

‘Winter is coming’,that one liner which reminds you of so many things but having dry hair in winters is like breaking the ice.Dry hair in winters? I surely rest my case. Dry hair is no joke and when it is not treated at the right time it can make your hair weak and prone to more damage and breakage.Winters not only make you lazy,chill and shiver but also wreak havoc on your beautiful hair.Dropping temperatures can actually dry out your hair and make them frizz, which becomes one hell of a task to manage. There are ways to add much needed moisture to your dead and damaged hair by looking out for a power packed hair shampoo and conditioner that provides hydration and nourishment.

It is also very important to know your hair type because it will help you choose the right hair shampoo and helps restore the dead hairs in winter.

So here I am presenting the best dry hair shampoos for winters which will give you that flawless,shiny,silky and smooth hair after a single wash and to add more volume to your beautiful hair, pair it with a conditioner and lock in moisture.

1-OGX Nourishing + Coconut Milk Shampoo & Conditioner:

OGX- is my number 1 hair shampoo and also its the best drugstore hair shampoo available.

It is trusted by many hair professionals for every hair-type but it has shown promising results specifically for dry hair in winters. Why? because in such cold weather your hair not only becomes dry but also rough and loses its texture. This ogx nourishing coconut milk shampoo has essential oils for dry hair.It gives your hair essential proteins derived from egg whites into your hair to help strengthen weak and brittle hair strands while it locks in moisture with organic coconut milk and coconut oils.lastly, to get best results pair this shampoo with ogx coconut milk conditioner to add the lustre and volume in to your dry hair.

OGX Nourishing + Coconut Milk Shampoo & Conditioner Set

Buy Now At Amazon For $14.99 : OGX- Coconut Milk shampoo.


1.It hydrates and nourishes the dead scalp and dry hairs 

2.It comes in different packaging and has a pleasant fragrance.

3.It has coconut oil which leaves your hair soft,smooth and silky.


1.It can make your scalp a little greasy.

2.Shampoo alone can not give better results, always pair it up with a conditioner.

3.The price can vary

2-Moroccanoil Hydrating Shampoo & Conditioner:

Moroccanoil hydrating shampoo is one of the best dry hair shampoo in winters.If you want to indulge yourself in a good hair care routine then why waste time when you have moroccanoil shampoos in the market. It is the shampoo which has essential argan oil for dry hair.It is one of the best hydrating shampoo which consists of antioxidant,vitamin A & E, moisturizing red algae and argan oil,all of them gives ultimate shine,gloss and volume to your dry and rough hairs in winter and to have better results add a conditioner after a wash.

Moroccanoil Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner

Buy Now At Amazon For $48.00 : Moroccanoil Hair Shampoo & Conditioner


1.It is suitable for all hair-types.

2.It is a chemical-free shampoo

3.It adds up the volume,nourishes and hydrates in a single wash.


1.It can cost you a pocket.

2.It can be difficult to find.

3.It may have a thick consistency. 

3-St.Botanica Ultra-Nourishing Shampoo:

St.Botanica is a perfect and best winter hair shampoo for dry hair as well as for normal hair.

It revives dry,damaged and rough hairs with its natural ingredients and helps lock in moisture,richness and hydration to the dead hair strands.It also helps remove dead flakes from the scalp and makes your hair thick and healthy.Why St.Botanica? Because it’s a shampoo with essential oils for dry hairs such as olive oil,coconut oil,shea butter,milk powder,grapeseed oil,neem and some aloe-vera extracts.Its a All-in-one shampoo for any hair-type.

StBotanica Ultra Nourishing Hair Shampoo

Buy Now At Amazon For $27.60 : St Botanica Ultra Nourishing Shampoo


1.It acts as a cleanser to your scalp.

2.It strengthens and provides 100 percent nourishment to each and every hair strand.

3.It is the best dry hair shampoo on amazon available at drugstore prices.


1.It has a strong odor.

2.It can make your hair go frizzy if not used with its hair conditioner.

3.It can be difficult to find sometimes.

4-Olaplex No4 Bond Maintenance Shampoo:

Olaplex is a shampoo that fixes and repairs any kind of hair problem.You name them only. It deals and treats any hair-type even it works best for chemically processed or dyed hairs.What makes olaplex so special among hair professionals?It leaves your hair thick and healthy after a single wash and it has a long-lasting effect.Many have skeptical views regarding olaplex but it works nice for all hair-types.

If you have damaged and dry hair you can try olaplex no 3 mask

Olaplex No.4 Bond Maintenance Shampoo

Buy Now At Amazon For $28.00 : Olaplex No4 Shampoo


1.It improves the quality of hair 

2.It prevents split-end breakage,

3.It gives better results when paired with its hair-conditioner.


1.It has an unpleasant fragrance.

2.It can give your hair a greasy feel.

3.It is expensive.

5-WOW Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Shampoo:

Wow , is one of the many best winter shampoo for dry hairs.It is my favorite hair shampoo available at drugstore prices.It’s like a bottle of jinnie that grants all your wishes such as gives you thick and healthy hair,high-end shine and gloss and most importantly,100 percent nourishment to you hair. What’s so special about this wow hair shampoo? It’s a shampoo with essential oils for dry hairs specifically argan oil which gives intense nourishment and hydration and also it has coconut oil which helps to restore rough and  damaged hair.

WOW Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo & Hair Conditioner Set

 Buy Now At Amazon For : $ 29.95 Wow Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo


1.It is the best dry hair shampoo available on amazon at drugstore prices.

2.It gives a salon like gloss and shine to hair.

3.It promotes the growth of dead hairs.


1.It can take a little long to show its results.

2.It may not be suitable for every hair-type

3.Avoid contact with eyes,if it does flush with plenty of water.

6-Redken All Soft Hair Shampoo:

Redken All soft hair shampoo is one of the best shampoos we have today and works best for dry and damaged hair.It deeply cleanses the scalp from dust and dirt and keeps a healthy environment of head.It works gently on each hair strand and provides hydration and nourishment to the dead hair. It restores the volume of hair and gives you a radiant look.

Redken All Soft Shampoo

Buy Now At Amazon For $34.00 : Redken All Soft Shampoo


1.It helps to overcome the itching and irritation that comes with a dead scalp.

2.It strengthens the weak hair.

3.It can be used thrice a week for great results.


1.It is expensive

2.Chemically processed and dyed hair should be used with care.

3.It is difficult to find at times in stores.

7-Herbal Essence Bio-Renew Argan Oil Repair:

Herbal essence bio renew is one of the best winter shampoo for dry hair.It has argan oil from morocco which penetrates deep into the root up to the dead end of a hair strand and restores its softness and shine and gives you a soothing effect.If you are someone who is looking for a shampoo which is chemical-free and is safe to use for any hair type and is improves the volume of your damaged hair than this is your absolute choice.

Buy Now At Amazon For $ 15.91 : Herbal Essence Argan Oil


1.It is a sulfate-free hair shampoo

2.It is safe to use for any hair type

3.It has antioxidant( vitamin E) and naturally extracted argan oil which restores and protects the shine and volume of your dry hair.


1.It can get pricey.

2.It can give your hair frizz if not paired with a conditioner.

3.Its conditioner may not suit someone

8-Biotique Soya Protein Nourishing Hair Shampoo:

It is a hair shampoo that is known for its ayurvedic ingredients and its beauty.It has soya protein which is one of the most important nutrients in providing healthy hair.What is so special about this biotique soya protein?That is, it has burberry and wild turmeric extracts which helps to cleanse your scalp without disrupting the pH,leaving soft and silky hair after a single wash.It is the best dry hair shampoo available on amazon at drugstore prices.

Biotique Soya Protein Fresh Nourishing Shampoo

Buy Now At Amazon For $ 12.58 : Biotique Soya Protein Shampoo


1.It is the best shampoo for dry hairs in winters.

2.It is safe to use in color treated hair

3.It makes your hair strong from roots.


1.For few it can cause dryness.

2.It may cause oily hair to a few so select according to your hair type.

3.Its availability might be an issue.

9-Kerastase Paris Volumifique (Bain Volume):

Kerastase paris is one of the most recommended and trusted shampoos by hair professionals. It creates magic and gives you a fresh and soft look after a single wash.

As we know dry hair can be extra vulnerable which makes you miffed. So in such a state this is your right pick. It strengthens and hydrates your hair by adding more volume and leaving high-shine gloss to your hair.so it’s no harm in saying that kerastase is among the best winter’s dry hair shampoo.

Kerastase Resistance Bain Volumifique Thickening effect Shampoo

Buy Now At Amazon For $ 37.80 :  Kerastase Bain Volume Shampoo


1.It is best for fine,dry hair.

2.It protects hair from further damage.

3.It is safe to use for chemically processed hair.


1.It is expensive

2.It may give a greasy feel to the scalp.

3.Avoid contact with eyes.

10-Pantene Pro-V Repair & Protect Hair Shampoo:

Pantene is among the favorite drugstore staples. It is easily available at drugstore prices.

It suits every hair-type.Pantene Pro-V is a remedy to your dryness in winters.It helps to lock in the moisture and gives you soft,thick and hydrated hairs.

This is your go-to hair shampoo when you have no high end products available with all the necessary ingredients required to control frizz from dry hair.

Buy Now At Amazon For $11.86 : Pantene Pro-V Shampoo


1.It is suitable for all hair-types

2.It helps to reduce dryness and and frizz

3.It provides hydration


No Cons are available for this particular hair product.

Quick Tip:

A quick beauty tip to remember is to always use a shampoo which has hydrating agents(argan oil,coconut oil etc) to boost the growth and restores your dry and damaged hair.Always pair your hair shampoo with its or any local but good conditioner that adds volume and shine to your hair and gives you silky hair that are easy to untangle.

To control the frizz from dryness avoid using hot tools,sleep on a clean and silk or satin based pillow case,deep condition your hair at least once a week, don’t wash your hair daily and don’t try to tie your wet hair.


It is very important to know your hair-type before heading towards the grocery store and buying a shampoo that actually suits you.Selecting the right hair shampoo may seem much of a task but trust me once you know what hair shampoo is best for you it will be no big a deal. Don’t rush.Take your time, wash and deep condition your hair for that pro hair look.

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